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5 Top Mutual Funds to Own From Janus Funds

You can build a set of diversified holdings from this one mutual fund provider alone

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Janus Funds — which just reported second-quarter earnings this week — is one of the biggest mutual fund families in the U.S. with $174 billion in assets under management at the end of 2013 … and you don’t acquire that much of a following without offering some of the top mutual funds on the market.

janus-funds-top-mutual-fundsOffering investors a lineup of 36 mutual funds, Janus Funds provides something for every type of investor. Although Janus Funds has been experiencing net outflows in recent quarters, a significant number of its mutual funds still garner four- or five-star ratings from Morningstar.

At the end of the day, it’s all about performance.

Janus Funds has several share classes available. Before buying, though it’s important to confirm the fee structure for your particular share class. I’ll be talking about their Class T shares, which can be bought through discount brokers like Fidelity, etc. The Class T shares are no-load funds, so you won’t pay any sales charges — just the annual management expense ratio. The one exception is a short-term trading fee that could be assessed by your discount broker should you sell within 60 days or some other period of time. The initial investment for each Class T fund is $2,500, but you probably can open an account with a $250 regular monthly purchase.

So, what are the top mutual funds to own that are managed by Janus Funds? Here are my favorite five:

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