American Apparel Under Fire for Back to School Ads

The ads have girls in miniskirts bending over

American Apparel (APP) is catching flak over its controversial back to school ads.

american-apparel-ads-app-stockOne of the back to school ads that has come under fire was posted to American Apparel’s UK Instagram. The picture had a girl in a miniskirt bending over by a car in what was almost an up-skirt moment. The ad was removed from the social media website following complaints, reports KTLA.

With the new batch of controversial ads, American Apparel has been accused of the sexualization of young girls. One person referred to the ad as “fueling Lolita fantasies” and another said that it was “too offensive” for her as a mother, reports KTLA.

Jenna Mullins, a reporter at E!, had this to say about one of American Apparel’s controversial back to school ads:

“The reason why we think this photo is so creepy (besides the obvious) is that there are 20 different ways to showcase the skirt in a sexy way that doesn’t involve a girl bending over. In fact, we don’t really know what that skirt looks like, because all we can see is what’s going on underneath the skirt. And that is what makes our skin crawl.”

APP shares were down 2% as of Friday afternoon.

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