10 Big Caps for Big Gains in 2015

With the books coming to a close for this year, most traders are turning their sights to stocks for 2015 that will lead to profit.

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Profit Scanner powered by Recognia has identified 10 big-cap stocks with short-term bullish charts showing they could rocket at least 10 higher by the end of the first quarter.

Some of the large-cap stocks listed here are popular and trendy, and some might surprise you. Regardless, pay these companies some attention because they could pay you back with some big returns.

Most of the charts for each of these 10 stocks display patterns and technical analysis that guide promising expectations for 2015.

Here are the 10 large-cap stocks that are likely to jump at least 15% in the first quarter.

Twitter Inc (TWTR)

Twitter Inc (TWTR) was one of the most talked about names in 2014. So, traders will be glad to know it’s among the stocks for 2015 that Profit Scanner indicates will start off strong.

At the Dec. 18 close, a bullish Continuation Wedge pattern appeared on Twitter’s chart, which could take TWTR some 50% higher by the end of February.

The Continuation Wedge comes with an upside target of $50 – $60 that, if confirmed, will resolve in the next 50 trading days.


Support for TWTR resides at $38.38, while resistance lies at $39. So, traders may opt to wait for TWTR to close above $39 before establishing bullish positions. Profit Scanner places a tight stop for long positions at $35. 18.

BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)

BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY), the turnaround story for 2014, looks to continue its upward momentum in 2015. It reached a 52-week high of $12.54 this year, but Profit Scanner uncovered a technical pattern on its chart that looks to take BBRY stock well above that in the first quarter of 2015.

At the Dec. 22 close, a bullish Continuation Wedge pattern appeared on BBRY’s chart, indicating BlackBerry could jump double-digits by Valentine’s Day — a sweet move for traders. The pattern is expected to take 27 trading days to play out, and it has a profit range of $13.20 to $13.90, which would mean a 23% – 30% increase from current levels.


BBRY has support around the $10.27 level, and resistant lies at $10.75. Aggressive traders can establish bullish positions now, while more conservative traders might want to see BBRY clear the $10.75 area first. Profit Scanner provides a tight stop at $9.03.

Barracuda Networks Inc (CUDA)

Despite its almost $2 billion market cap, Barracuda Networks Inc (CUDA) may not be a name that you’re familiar with, but there’s evidence it may be one of the best stocks for 2015. It’s a data storage systems manufacturer that focuses on smaller businesses and municipalities. Barracuda Networks’ systems are considered highly flexible and cost efficient, and CUDA product offerings serve a valuable niche.

Barracuda Networks went public in late 2013 and rose as high as $42.50 before slumping in the middle of the year. Profit Scanner has found a bullish technical pattern on its chart that suggests CUDA is on the hunt for higher prices.

At the Dec. 22 close, Profit Scanner found a bullish Bottom Triangle pattern on CUDA stock’s chart. A Bottom Triangle tells traders that a stock’s price seems to have reached a bottom, showing signs of reversal after breaking upward following a period of consolidation.

Barracuda Networks’ Bottom Triangle carries an upside target of $49 – $51, which represents a 28% – 34% increase from current levels. And traders shouldn’t have to wait long, as the pattern is expected to resolve in just 51 trading days or by the end of February.


There is strong support at $35, but equally strong resistance at $39. So, waiting for CUDA shares to trade above that level may provide some extra confidence about the Bottom Triangle. Profit Scanner suggests $36.21 as a tight stop.

Yelp Inc (YELP)

Yelp Inc (YELP) stock is getting rave reviews — at least on the technical front.  After a mixed performance in 2014, Profit Scanner has found a bullish technical pattern on YELP stock’s chart showing that it could be one of the five-star stocks for 2015.

At the Dec. 18 close, a bullish Continuation Wedge formed on YELP stock’s chart. The pattern has an upward target of $85 – $93, which would be a whopping 60% – 75% higher from current levels. The pattern has a duration of 76 trading days. So, traders could expect to see those targets hit by mid-March if the pattern is successful.


Support for YELP is all the way down around $51.97, which could serve as a stop-loss, and resistance is at $58.82. Traders can get in at current levels and use the $58.82 level as a place to either take partial profits as a safeguard or as an area of confirmation to increase positions.

XPO Logistics Inc (XPO)

XPO Logistics Inc (XPO) carries a $2.6 billion market cap, and the Connecticut-based firm operates air freight and delivery services, with its biggest competitors being United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) and FedEx Corporation (FDX).

Certainly lower fuel prices will help XPO, but its technical picture looks good, too. At the Dec. 22 close, a bullish Ascending Continuation Triangle appeared on XPO’s chart. An Ascending Continuation Triangle tells traders that buyers are more aggressive than sellers. The pattern usually forms because the supply of shares becomes available at a specific price, which the upper flat line on the chart represents. When the supply diminishes, the shares rapidly break out from the top trendline to move higher.

XPO stock’s Ascending Continuation Triangle has a price target of $48.75 to $50.50, which would mean at least a 15% move higher within the pattern’s window of 68 trading days.

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Support doesn’t exist until $27.50, but XPO has already cleared major resistance at $40.99. So — pardon the pun — shares are cleared for takeoff, but prudent traders may wish to use Profit Scanner’s tight stop of $39.23 to protect capital.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. (RRGB)

Even if you’ve never eaten at a Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc. (RRGB), chances are good your ears have been served countless helpings of its “Yum” jingle. But no matter what your palate prefers, traders can find plenty that’s tasty about this billion-dollar burger chain, which now has more than 500 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

At the Dec. 22 close, a bullish Bottom Triangle appeared on Red Robin’s chart suggesting the stock could move from its current levels to an all-time high of $91 – $95. This 21% – 26% move is expected to resolve in just 35 trading days before February ends.

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Support for Red Robin shares resides at $72.70, while resistance is at $77.85. Profit Scanner puts a tight stop at $71.19 though closing it at support may actually be a more conservative approach if you don’t like what the stock is serving you.

Team Health Holdings LLC (TMH)

It’s safe to say that healthcare and insurance providers are still working through some of the kinks of the Affordable Care Act, and hospitals and other medical centers are feeling increased pressure.  Team Health Holdings LLC (TMH) is one of the firms in a position to profit from the added complexity of the ACA.

Team Health Holdings provides outsourced healthcare professional staffing and administrative services to U.S. hospitals and healthcare providers.  As staffing needs fluctuate, many medical providers turn to firms like TMH to help them weather the changing landscape.

It’s no surprise, then, that the $4.7 billion-market-cap Team Health Holdings is trading near its all-time highs, but Profit Scanner has found a technical pattern on TMH’s chart that could take the stock even higher.

At the Dec. 22 close, a Symmetrical Continuation Triangle formed on TMH stock’s chart, and it carries a target that could take shares to $68 – $71, or some 16% – 21% higher by the end of February.

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Hub Group Inc (HUBG)

Like XPO Logistics (XPO), Hub Group Inc (HUBG) is in the freight and transportation space but uses mainly trucks and rail to move trailers. It’s a $1.4 billion firm that’s been trading publically since the late 1990s. HUBG reached an all-time high in May 2014 at $50.40, and Profit Scanner has discovered that it’s working its way back up toward those levels.

At the Dec. 22 close, HUBG stock’s chart showed that a bullish Head and Shoulders Bottom had formed on its chart. This pattern tells traders that the stock’s price seems to have reached the end of an accumulation period at the bottom of a major downtrend. A move up through resistance indicates a reversal to begin a new uptrend.

HUBG stock’s upside target from this pattern is $43.50 to $44.75, or 12% to 18% higher within the pattern’s 55-day window.

stocks for 2015

Support for HUBG is right around current levels at $37.41, but resistance is at $40.43. If Hub Group can break through resistance, it shouldn’t have any trouble sailing up to the low-end target. Profit Scanner offers $34.03 as a tight stop.

Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC)

Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC) has all the right medicine to make it one of traders’ stocks for 2015. As a $5 billion healthcare provider that specializes in hospitals, Tenet Healthcare Corp was, understandably, a little wobbly at the start of 2014 when the effects of the Affordable Care Act were first being absorbed. THC gained strength as the year wore on and it looks to have a resounding start to the new year, as well.

At the Dec. 19 close, Profit Scanner uncovered a bullish Symmetrical Continuation Triangle on THC stocks’s chart. The pattern puts the stock trading at new multi-year highs before February is out, as it has an upside target of $63 – $65 — levels TCH hasn’t seen since 2003. The pattern is expected to resolve within 34 trading days.

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Firm support for THC is at $47, while resistance appears at $57.74. Traders may wish to use that resistance level as an area to take partial profits or use it as a place to accumulate shares as confirmation that the uptrend should continue. Profit Scanner places a tight stop at $49.86.

Shutterfly, Inc. (SFLY)

Shutterfly, Inc. (SFLY) has helped millions of people easily take care of their holiday gift-giving needs with its line of photo and personalized products like photo books, calendars, mugs, ornaments and the like.

Shutterfly is a $1.6 billion company that went public in 2006 and has been the center of buy-out acquisition rumors for months, which could make it one of the stocks to follow closely in 2015. For now, the only thing that’s clear is a bullish pattern on SFLY stock’s chart that could take it 17% – 22% higher before St. Patrick’s Day.

At the Dec. 18 close, a bullish Symmetrical Continuation Triangle appeared on Shutterfly’s chart with a price target of $50 – $52. The pattern is expected to resolve within 53 trading days.

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Support for SFLY lives at $41.81, while Shutterfly stock is currently trading at resistance of $42.50. Traders have a clear view for SFLY stock’s move higher, but Profit Scanner offers a tight stop of $39.56 just in case.

Profit Scanner powered by Recognia can help traders of all levels uncover these signals to determine the best timing to buy. Or use Profit Scanner’s technical insight to validate your own trading ideas. See how easy this powerful tool is to help you uncover hidden opportunities in the market.

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