Friday Apple Rumors: Apple May Use OLED Displays in More Devices


Here are your Apple Rumors for today:

apple-rumors-oled-display-aaplMaps: Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Maps may be getting more accurate, reports 9to5Mac. Insider sources claim that the various vans that have been seen moving around the United States are collecting images and base data for the company’s mapping service. These images will possibly allow users to see 3D views of streets and areas. These vans are equipped with cameras on top of them that are collecting data. The first sightings of the vans had some wondering if they were the tech company’s attempt to create a self-driving car.

Support: A new survey rates Apple Genuis Bar as the best tech support, MacRumors notes. The survey was conducted by Consumer Reports and included 3,200 people. Since the surveys for tech support started in 2007, the tech company has always taken the top spot. Owners of AAPL products are able to get lifetime support at the Genius Bar without having to pay for it. This includes helping customers out with technical issues with their devices.

Display: Apple may be getting ready to move to OLED displays for its future devices, reports AppleInsider. The iPhone maker has typically stuck to LED displays for its various devices. However, with the release of the Apple Watch, it finally made the jump to OLED. It’s possible that this change will be seen in the next version of the iPhone. OLED displays have a major advantage over LED displays in that they lite up every pixel independently. LEDs uses a back light to display pixels. The more precise method of lighting a device could lead to longer battery life for AAPL devices.

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