Friday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6s Survives Bendgate Test

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Pro: Apple’s (AAPL) iPad Pro won’t get free access to Office apps from Microsoft (MSFT), reports Arstechnica. Microsoft has said that iPad Pro owners that want to use its Office apps will have to subscribe to Office 365. The reason for this is that the company only considers devices with a display under 10.1 inches as true mobile devices. Anything above that is above this size isn’t considered a mobile device by the company. Microsoft hasn’t said what will happen if iPad Pro users try to use Office apps without an Office 365 subscription.

Apps: A comparison of Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6 Plus speeds has been released, MacRumors notes. The speed test sought to see which device was faster at opening apps; the iPhone 6s or 6 Plus. A video of the test was posted to YouTube and it shows that the iPhone 6s is able to open apps faster than the 6 Plus. The new smartphone is also slightly faster at other tasks, but sometimes it’s about the same speed as its predecessor.

Bendgate: Apple likely won’t have a bendgate problem with its iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, reports APpleInsider. The new iPhones from the tech company are made with its 7000 series aluminum. This material is stronger than what was used to create the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, both of which were part of the bendgate scandal last year. A new video shows two people trying to bend the iPhone 6s and it takes considerable effort to put a small curve to the device. However, even with this deformity, the smartphone still operated normally.

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