Google Life Sciences to Be Renamed ‘Verily’


Google Life Sciences, which was part of Google X, has graduated to being its own division under Alphabet (GOOG,GOOGL).

google-life-sciences-verily-goog-googlAs part of its change from Google X division to Alphabet member, Google Life Sciences is also being renamed to Verily. The group has a focus on health and wants to better understand the human body. It will also working on health-tracking wearables, reports Engadget.

Google Life Sciences decided to change its name to Verily because it wants to “reveal a true picture of health and disease.” The group has grown since it was first formed and its interest include better ways to prevent disease, ways to diagnose patients earlier and more, Engadget notes.

Google Life Sciences won’t be releasing financial information in quarterly results after switching to Verily. It will be lead by CEO Andy Conrad, Ph.D., who is a previous chief scientific officer from LabCorp (LH).

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