Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 7 Concept Includes VR Technology

Settings an iPhone's date to Jan. 1, 1970 will brick it

By William White, InvestorPlace Writer

Here are your Apple Rumors for today:

Apple Rumors, iPhone 7, VR, AAPLCook: Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook is resisting orders to break into an iPhone for the FBI, reports MacRumors. A U.S. Federal judge has ordered the tech company to help the FBI break into the iPhone 5c that was used by Syed Farook, one of the shooters in the San Bernardino incident. Cook said that he was outraged at the shootings, but his company won’t help break into the iPhone. The FBI wants to use a backdoor that would be made on a new version of its iOS. He said this is a dangerous tool and one that his company will not create.

Concept: Concept designer Christopher Grayson has imagined an iPhone 7 with VR abilities, BGR notes. The design created by Grayson includes the two cameras that many rumors have claimed will be in the iPhone 7. However, instead of placing the cameras right next to each other, he imagines them located on the back of the smartphone in such a way that they could be used with a headset for a VR experience. This would have them placed near the middle of the top and bottom of the device. The concept also includes using Mattel’s (MAT) View-Master for the VR experience.

Brick: There’s a new, weird way to brick your iPhone while playing with the date and time settings, reports Digital Trends. The new glitch bricks all 64-bit versions of iOS 8 and iOS 9 if the date is set back to Jan. 1, 1970. This problem can also affect the company’s tablets with A9, A9X, A8, A8X and A7 processors. AAPL is aware of the problem and has promised to patch it with a software update.

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