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Chewing Tobacco Recall: These Copenhagen, Skoal Cans May Contain Metal

The recall also includes some Cope and Husky products

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco, a subsidiary of Altria Group Inc (NYSE:MO), is announcing a Skoal and Copenhagen recall.

Copenhagen Recall, Skoal, Altria Group Inc, MO
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The Skoal and Copenhagen recall is taking place due to some cans of the chewing tobacco containing pieces of metal. There have been eight customer complaints concerning metal found in cans. No one has been injured due to the pieces of metal being big enough to be seen by customers.

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco says that the cans in the Skoal and Copenhagen recall came from its Franklin Park, Ill., facility. Chewing tobacco from this facility is sent all across the United States. There have been complaints of metal from customers in Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Ohio.

Here are the products included in the Copenhagen recall.

  • Extra Long Cut Natural
  • Long Cut Mint
  • Long Cut Southern Blend
  • Pouch Mint
  • Pouch Wintergreen
  • Long Cut (overseas military only)
  • Fine Cut (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Straight (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)
  • Pouch (overseas military only)
  • Fine Cut Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Long Cut Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Pouch Plastic Can (only available in Alaska and Hawaii)

Here are the Skoal products included in the recall.

  • Bandit Mint
  • Bandit Wintergreen
  • Long Cut Apple Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Berry Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Cherry
  • Long Cut Citrus Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Classic
  • Long Cut Peach Tobacco Blend
  • Long Cut Spearmint
  • Pouch Apple Tobacco Blend
  • Pouch Berry Tobacco Blend
  • Pouch Citrus Tobacco Blend
  • Snus Mint
  • Snus Smooth Mint
  • Xtra Long Cut Mint
  • Xtra Long Cut Rich Tobacco Blend
  • Xtra Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Xtra Pouch Crisp Tobacco Blend
  • Xtra Pouch Mint Blend
  • Xtra Pouch Rich Tobacco Blend
  • Fine Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Mint (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Straight (overseas military only)
  • Long Cut Wintergreen (overseas military only)
  • Pouch Mint (overseas military only)
  • Pouches Wintergreen (overseas military only)

This recall also includes Cope Long Cut Straight and Husky Fine Cut Natural, Long Cut Straight and Long Cut Wintergreen products. All of the recalled products either have no printed code on the bottom of the can, or the code starts with the letter “F”, “R”, “K”, or “P”.

You can follow this link to learn more about the Skoal and Copenhagen recall.

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