, Inc. (AMZN) Delays Launch of Amazon Go Grocery Store

The store is having trouble tracking customers, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is reportedly planning to delay the opening of its Amazon Go grocery store., Inc. (AMZN) Delays Launch of Amazon Go Grocery Store
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According to a recent report,, Inc. is unable to work out all of the bugs in its new grocery store concept in time for its original opening date. The biggest problem it is facing is keep track of customers. The store is able to track a few customers at a time, but once it reaches about 20, it becomes too much for the system.

The other major problem that the new, Inc. store has is keeping track of items. The store has a hard time telling when an item is moved on a shelf. This is also making it difficult to track what items a customer has on them.

All of this is bad news for the, Inc. store. The Amazon Go grocery store tracks customers and items so that they don’t have to checkout. Instead, they just leave the store with the goods and the total is charged to their account. However, it can’t do this if it can’t properly track the customers and items, reports Business Insider.

The technical problems that are hitting, Inc.’s new concept store may cause a delay to larger plans. Previous reports have claimed that the company wants to open 2,000 grocery stores., Inc. has denied the reports that it wants to open 2,000 grocery stores, or any type of store for that matter. However, reports still claim that tests of the Amazon Go grocery store will still affect the company’s future plans.

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