15 Things to Buy With Your Sell in May Profits

Life in the equity markets has been very good to investors, especially since the unexpected election of Donald Trump as our 45th president. The S&P 500 is up more than 12% since Election Day, and many stocks are up far more than that since the “Trump reflation trade” has been in effect.

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Now, however, we’re in May, and that means many investors are planning to follow one of Wall Street’s oldest (and possibly one of its wisest) adages: “Sell in May and go away.”

If you are sitting on a whole lot of post-election profits, and you are getting ready to sell in May and go away, the question then becomes … what do you buy with all that money?

While purchasing power varies across the investment spectrum, there’s no shortage of great ways to spoil yourself with both big and little luxury items that make the struggle that is life just a little bit easier.

Here are 15 things to buy with your sell-in-May profits.

“Sell in May” Buys: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch

"Sell in May" Buys: Johnnie Walker Blue Label ScotchCost: $229

The smoothest, most sophisticated blended Scotch whisky around is Diageo brand Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch. After a gratifying day of talking those post-election profits, why not pour yourself a glass of this earthy-toned yet silky smooth ambrosia? It doesn’t get tastier than Blue Label, at least for my palate.

But if you’re going to have a glass, please, no rocks. Johnnie Blue doesn’t require it.

“Sell in May” Buys: Napa Valley Wine Resort

"Sell in May" Buys: Napa Valley Wine Resort

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Cost: ~$4,200

If you’re into wine (and I don’t know anyone who isn’t), then take a trip to America’s best wine country: Napa Valley, California. And if you want a styling place to stay, then go to the Calistoga Ranch, an Auberge Resorts property.

This resort is “nestled in a secluded upper Napa Valley canyon on 157 oak-lined acres.” It’s also designed to essentially blur the line between the outdoors and the indoors.

If you want to spend those stock profits in style, book a few nights at the Calistoga.

“Sell in May” Buys: Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01

"Sell in May" Buys: Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01Cost: $5,350

Tag Heuer’s Carrera Calibre Heuer 01 is a “classic yet contemporary sports watch” with auto racing roots. The Tag brand (a division of LVMH) is at home on the track or in the boardroom, and serves well as a staple of any stylish business outfit.

The casing is scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with a polished steel crown, and is water-resistant up to 100 meters. If you want to sport stylish sophistication without breaking the bank, this Tag is one to consider.

Tag currently offers several similar models, though the particular 43 mm version pictured is available starting in June.

“Sell in May” Buys: Tiffany Jewelry

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Cost: ~$500-$15,000

Whether you want to spoil a spouse, pop the question, congratulate a recent graduate or celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, why not do it with the little blue box?

That box is, of course, any piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Whether it’s a bracelet, an engagement ring, earrings, a pendant or a money clip, Tiffany has a luxurious treat for everyone. No matter what size your sell-in-May profits are, you are bound to find a winning luxury treat in the iconic blue box.

“Sell in May” Buys: Louis Vuitton Handbag

"Sell in May" Buys: Louis Vuitton HandbagCost: $2,260

Another LVMH item on my list is for the ladies, and it’s the Montaigne BB bag in the iconic monogram design. This bag feels luxury, looks luxury and blares out “prosperity and style” for any woman clutching it.

If you’re a woman and you want a treat, buy yourself an LV handbag. If you’re a man, do yourself a favor and get this bag for the lady in your life. It could pay dividends for much longer than some of the stocks you own.

“Sell in May” Buys: Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps

"Sell in May" Buys: Christian Louboutin So Kate PumpsCost: $675

Another item for the ladies — and for the men who appreciate female footwear — is the Christian Louboutin “So Kate” Pumps (in red, of course). These high heels are just about as luxurious and sexy as it gets, and glamour has few equals in the footwear department.

If you’re looking to treat that special someone (or yourself) for those red-carpet nights, then outfit their/your feet with some Louboutins.

“Sell in May” Buys: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords

"Sell in May" Buys: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-Toe OxfordsCost: $395

Want to walk around feeling like the president of the United States? If you’re a man, then you’ll want some Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Cap-Toe Oxfords.

The company says this model was the Inauguration Day footwear for Presidents Reagan, H.W. Bush, Clinton and G.W. Bush … so you’d be in pretty good company.

The classic style and supreme craftsmanship of this brand makes it a timeless purchase, and one that will last you for many sell-in-May seasons to come.

“Sell in May” Buys: Diane Von Furstenberg Tailored Shift Dress

"Sell in May" Buys: Diane Von Furstenberg Tailored Shift DressCost: $398

The Diane von Furstenberg, or DVF, Tailored Shift Dress is simple luxury incarnate. This is one of those elegant and classic designs that will look great today and great tomorrow … regardless of the ever-changing fashion winds.

Every woman I know loves DVF dresses, so if you’re a man looking to give that special woman to a fashion treat, then go DVF.

And if you’re a woman … well, you already know.

“Sell in May” Buys: Porsche 911

"Sell in May" Buys: Porsche 911

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Cost: Starting at $91,000

When it comes to styling sports cars, there’s the Porsche 911, and then there’s everything else.

The latest iteration of the 911 model is, in my view, Porsche’s best yet. It combines luxury materials with the epitome of German auto engineering, all in a classic body shape that lets the world know you care about quality, performance and making a statement.

If you made a lot of money in the markets, and you’re just itching to spend some of it going fast, then choose Porsche. As the company says, “There is no substitute.”

“Sell in May” Buys: Ducati Superbike 1299 Panigale S

Cost: $25,795

If you want to shed the encumbrance of four wheels and want to streamline your speed and fun down to two wheels, then check out the Ducati Superbike 1299 Panigale S.

One of the fastest and most agile motorcycles money can buy, the Panigale S also is (in my opinion) perhaps the most beautiful bike ever made. Two-wheel enthusiasts know the experience of riding a Ducati, and that’s why the brand engenders such extreme loyalty among those who want to ride with class.

If you have the market profits — and the requisite two-wheel skills and experience — take a test ride of the Panigale S.

“Sell in May” Buys: Gibson J-45 Custom Guitar

"Sell in May" Buys: Gibson J-45 Custom GuitarCost: $2,799

Musicians and music lovers around the world know Gibson guitars. And if you’ve listened to rock, country, folk, blues, jazz — just about any kind of music in your life, you’ve listened to a Gibson.

For those who love acoustic sounds, it doesn’t get better than the Gibson J-45 Custom Guitar. Nicknamed “The Workhorse” because of its versatility, the J-45 plays with deep and rich tones and booming volume that outshines its rivals.

If you play guitar, get one. If you don’t play, get one and learn. Remember: You’re never too old to a rock star.

“Sell in May” Buys: H&K USP Semiautomatic Pistol

"Sell in May" Buys: H&K USP Semiautomatic PistolCost: ~$820-$1,100

If quality firearms are your thing, then get to your local gun store with those sell-in-May profits and get a Heckler & Koch (H&K) USP semiautomatic pistol.

This high-end handgun has long been the favorite of elite special operations forces around the world, because those units know when your life and those in your charge depend on it, the H&K won’t fail.

I consider the H&K USP (universal service pistol) the “Porsche of handguns,” as it embodies quality, precision and German engineering.

“Sell in May” Buys: African Safari at the Singita Grumeti, Serengeti National Park Area, Tanzania

"Sell in May" Buys: African Safari at the Singita Grumeti, Serengeti National Park Area, Tanzania

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Cost: ~$8,000

If you’ve ever wanted to go on safari, then why not go in the lap of luxury? Doing so means doing it at the Singita Grumeti, in the Serengeti National Park area of Tanzania.

According to Travel and Leisure, this spot ranks No. 1 on its best safaris in Africa list. The property is made up of a group of five camps near Serengeti National Park. In addition to seeing some of the world’s most exotic and gorgeous wildfire on earth up close, Singita also offers dedicated chefs, expert guides and some of the most plush accommodations on the continent.

“Sell in May” Buys: Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Premium Cuban Cigars

"Sell in May" Buys: Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Premium Cuban CigarsCost: $533 (cabinet of 50)

Long one of Cuba’s greatest brands, the Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 is what some aficionados consider the island nation’s greatest robusto.

One of the few Cuban cigars available in cabinets of 50, the Epicure No. 2 offers cigar lovers hours of full-bodied flavor and enjoyment.

And that’s not just me saying it. Cigar Aficionado points out that in a recent Connoisseur’s Corner tasting, “an Epicure No. 2 produced in 1992 scored a perfect 100 points, a clear sign of its long aging potential.”

“Sell in May” Buys: Upgrade Your Home


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Cost: Varies widely

If you’ve made big profits in the market since Election Day, now may be a good time to make your real estate great again. Whether it’s new appliances, new paint, a room addition or a pool or jacuzzi, taking profits from the equity markets and redirecting those profits into home improvement projects that will enhance the value of your home is a smart use of your money.

And unlike most of the depreciating assets I’ve outlined here, upgrading your home could pay off for you in the long run when it comes time to resell.

So, go out and get some bids on whatever you’ve always wanted to do with your home. There’ll be time enough to get back into stocks this fall.

Many of the items on this list can be found on, in or around Jim Woods. In fact, he’s already spent some of his sell-in-May profits generated from his Successful ETF Investing and Millionaire Blueprint advisory services on these very things.

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