AI News: Google’s AlphaGo Beats World’s Best Go Player

Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG,GOOGL) Google is winning Go competitions in China with its AlphaGo AI.

AI News: Google's AlphaGo Beats World's Best Go Player

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The AlphaGo AI was created by Google’s DeepMind lab to be the best Go player in the world. It seems that the company has accomplished this goal. The computer went up against grandmaster Ke Jie in Wuzhen, China and beat him two to zero in a best of three match.

AlphaGo won its first match against Ke Jie fairly easily. However, the second match took much longer. Demis Hassabi, the CEO of Deepmind, said that Ke Jie started out playing perfectly against the AI in the second match. It wasn’t until roughly four hours had passed that the Go grandmaster gave in to AlphaGo.

Ke Jie said that the AI is like a “god of a Go player,” during an interview after the game. That claim will be tested later this week when AlphaGo takes part in two other Go games. One will have it facing a team of the best human Go players, and the other will have it working alongside human players. These will be the real tests of its skill, reports Wired.

Ke Jie has said that he no longer plans to play Go matches against AI. The grandmaster of the game says that they are advancing too quickly foe him to be able to keep up with their strategies and play styles.

Hassabi was proud of AlphaGo following its victory over Ke Jie, but he also praised the grandmaster’s skills. He said that the human player was able to push the AI “right to the limit,” during their matches, Fortune notes.

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