Death Hoax: Betty White Dead? Nope.

Actress Betty White has been the newest target of a death hoax.

Death Hoax: Betty White Dead? Nope.

The Betty White death hoax was spreading on Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and had fans of the actress worried. However, the hoax was quickly dismissed after the actress posted an image of herself on the The Late Late Show With James Corden.

The Tweets that started the Betty White death hoax claimed that the actress passed away at the age of 95 while in her Beverly Hills home. These Tweets claimed that the news had been confirmed by her publicists.

The Betty White death hoax may have tricked some Twitter Inc users, but many caught on fast. Here are some of their responses to the hoax.

  • “Twitter telling me that Betty White is dead, son i ain’t believing that shit”
  • “I saw a fake moments post saying Betty white died and what I found when I swiped left was truly appalling”
  • “Don’t ever worry about Betty White trending. She is immortal.”
  • “one day Betty White gonna actually die and no one’s gonna believe it because ya’ll keep crying wolf”
  • “Y’all need to stop joking about Betty White’s death. It’s not funny STOP GIVING ME A HEART ATTACK”

Celebrity death hoaxes aren’t uncommon. Last year there were death hoaxes for Britney Spears and Sylvester Stallone, as well as several other celebrities. The frequency of these hoaxes mat finally be starting to make internet users not trust everything they read on social media.

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