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Amazon Explores New Technology for Non-Refrigerated Meal Delivery

These products can be stored in the pantry for up to a year, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is looking into a way it could deliver ready-to-eat meal kits that don’t need refrigeration.

AmazonThe company is working with tech startup 915 Labs to bring food products that are ready to eat as soon as you open the package, and they’ll be delivered directly to your home. The food items can be stored in your pantry for up to a year.

The startup makes a technology called microwave assisted thermal sterilization (MATS) that puts sealed packages of food in pressurized water and heats them in a microwave for several minutes. The technology was developed by researches at Washington State University.

915 Labs says that the dishes retain their natural flavor and texture, unlike other processes that change the dining experience with soggy ready-to-eat meals once they’re microwaved. In other cases, the items need to be cooked for about an hour.

Amazon’s move may be launched as soon as next year. The initiative could prove to be a cheaper alternative than ordering carry out from a restaurant, while also being healthier than fast food.

The company says that customers will be offered personalized and targeted meals based on the day of the week, the meal period, customer preferences, size of the family and the financial elasticity of each family. Meals will be offered for families of two, three, four or five.

AMZN stock grew 1.2% Friday.

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