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Why Is Everyone Rushing to Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a haven for fearful speculators who trust no one, not even each other

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Bitcoin for News, News for Bitcoin

The Decentralized News Network (DNN) launched in alpha test on Aug. 10. The Canadian company says it wants to leverage blockchain technology against fake news and bias.

The initial test (which runs a simulated blockchain experience) will let journalism companies get feedback on their work without having to trade actual cryptocurrency, but a press statement says it plans to compensate writers and reviewers:

“While the simulated platform will not involve the use of tokens or cryptocurrency, the blockchain-based DNN platform will monetarily incentivize users through the use of tokens, crediting user accounts for writing, reviewing, and publishing articles.”

Bottom Line

The largest tech companies continue to gear up for the rise of blockchain technology in tracking assets. Microsoft is just the latest, announcing its Coco Framework, running in its Azure cloud, giving companies the equivalent of a safety deposit box for their own blockchain code.

This Trusted Execution Environment, or TEE, can then be networked with business partners, so they can all agree on the ledger and code they are running.

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