Google Co-Founder Debuts Autonomous Flying Taxi ‘Cora’

Cora is being tested in New Zealand

Larry Page, the cofounder of Google and CEO of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG,GOOGL), is showing off his new autonomous flying taxi “Cora.”

Google Co-Founder Debuts Autonomous Flying Taxi 'Cora'
Source: Kitty Hawk

Cora is a small aircraft that looks like a mix between a drone and a plane. The vehicle has wings like a plane, but each wing has a series of small helicopter blades on them. This allows it to take off vertically like a helicopter and then fly horizontally like a plane. Its wingspan is 36 feet.

Cora is the creation of a small company named Kitty Hawk. The company has been testing out the autonomous flying taxi in New Zealand. Further test will take place this year and a full taxi service in the country will hopefully launch in the next three years.

Anyone hoping to pick up their own autonomous flying taxi for personal use in the next few years will be disappointed. The current goal for Kitty Hawk is to create and operate its own taxi service, not sell the aircraft to customers, reports The New York Times.

Larry Page is far from the only person working toward a flying taxi. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is working with a small company out of Germany on a flying car. The aircraft is closer to a large drone than a car or airplane. You can learn more about it at this link.

Uber is another company that hopes to one day have its own autonomous flying taxi service. However, it’s still far from ready to start offering customers rides via flying taxis.

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