Is Elon Musk’s Tweet the Reason Behind Tesla Stock’s Latest Jump?

Baird analyst predicts a TSLA stock short squeeze, while Elon Musk says he quit Twitter

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock continued its June rally on Monday, notching an impressive 4.7% gain. And the good news for investors continues with TSLA stock up again in pre-market training. So why the big pop yesterday for TSLA?

Is Elon Musk’s Tweet the Reason Behind Tesla Stock's Latest Jump?

One of the reasons is CEO Elon Musk’s claim on Sunday that he deleted his Twitter account. The other? A report issued by an analyst with Baird suggesting that with positive TSLA news arriving last week, Tesla stock may be headed for a short squeeze.

Recent Good News for TSLA Sets Up the Possibility of a Short Squeeze

Tesla stock closed at $225.03 on Monday after hitting as high as $226.86, for a 4.7% gain on the day. 

One of the big factors in the TSLA pop is a report from Baird analyst Ben Kallo (via Teslarati) suggesting that a short squeeze may be in the cards, pushing TSLA stock even higher. He notes that with 40 million TSLA shares currently sold short and a series of positive headlines over the past week — including a leaked e-mail from Elon Musk stating the company is on track to deliver a record number of cars this quarter — those traders holding short positions on the company’s stock are going to be scrambling to buy shares.

Musk and his communications are at the center of the other factor that appears to have played a big part in Monday’s jump.

Elon Musk Says He Deleted His Twitter Account 

Tesla’s CEO has a long and very complicated relationship with Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). Elon Musk is very active on the social media platform and the results have typically been bad news for TSLA investors.

There are times when Musk uses Twitter to good effect, effectively promoting Tesla and its products, and building up excitement among his 27 million followers … and the analysts who look to his Twitter account for clues that could impact Tesla stock. For example, in March, Musk used Twitter to announce the Tesla Model Y reveal event.  

But more often than not, Musk seems to run into controversy with his tweets, and that never goes well for TSLA stock. The list of missteps is long. Calling a diver who helped rescue a kids soccer team trapped in an underwater Thailand cave a pedophile. Posting an April Fool’s joke on Twitter that the company was going bankrupt, resulting in Tesla stock taking a 5% hit. Then there was his tweet last August where he claimed he had funding secured to take Tesla private at $420 per share. That one cost Musk personally a $20 million U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission fine, Tesla had to pay $20 million, Musk was forced to step down as company Chairman, and TSLA stock went into a 30% downward spiral as the episode played out.

Last weekend, it looked as though Musk was stepping in it again, posting images without giving credit to their creator, and then getting into a fight with other Twitter users over the move. That escalated when someone brought Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard into the argument about giving credit, at which point Musk made some unflattering comments about Eberhard — potentially violating an agreement he signed after the fired TSLA co-founder sued him for slander — then deleted the tweets.   

Shortly after all that played out, Musk tweeted “Just deleted my Twitter account.” That tweet made headlines and the possibility that the Tesla CEO might actually walk away from the social media platform that has caused so much drama was enough to help boost Tesla stock on Monday.

Of course, it turns out that Musk wasn’t serious. He did change his Twitter handle to “Daddy DotCom” for a day. But early this morning, he switched back to “Elon Musk” and deleted the tweet that he was deleting his Twitter account. Despite the likely disappointment of investors, TSLA is still up in early morning trading.

As of this writing, Brad Moon did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

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