Wegman’s $80 Coupon Scam: What to Know About It

Victims answer a survey, then share info on social media

Wegman’s $80 coupon scam is popping up on people’s social media feed that claims to be available to shoppers in honor of the grocery chain’s 100-year anniversary.

Wegman's $80 Coupon
Source: Wikipedia

The scam is asking people to take a brief survey where they answer questions that are linked to their shopping experiences with the company. Those who access it will see a line of text on top of the survey that encourages participants to be speedy as there are only 232 coupons remaining.

Following this prompt, the fake Wegman’s $80 coupon asks people to like the survey and share it on Facebook. The grocery chain is not connected to the scam, but it has revealed that it is aware of it and it has contacted the social media giant to remove it from its users’ feeds.

A spokeswoman with the business asked people to not click the link or to share it, as they may end up revealing personal information.

There are plenty of ways that scammers are trying to get people nowadays, including with fake messages pretending to be from the Internal Revenue Service asking consumers to pay back taxes they may own. Another social media scam that surfaced in the past offered Twitter users free cryptocurrencies, yet it was another ploy to attain the information of those who fell for it.

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