VIDEO: Don’t Panic About the Inverted Yield Curve

Don’t let the headlines get you down. In this episode of Matt McCall’s “Money Line” podcast he shares why he thinks this month’s inverted yield curve isn’t a cause for panic. Instead, even with the U.S.-China trade war roaring, now might just be the perfect time to buy.

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For anyone who’s confused, earlier this month 2-year U.S. Treasury bonds were yielding 1.603% while 10-Year Treasurys were yielding 1.6%. If you’re lending a bank (or the U.S. government) money for 10 years you should be earning more than someone who’s just lending money for two  years. In the past, these yield curve inversions have signaled recessions – thus initiating days of alarmist news coverage and crashing stocks.

But McCall reminds us that it’s important to look ahead. Where will the markets be in a year? In two? He’s not ruling out a recession a few years down the road. Watch this video to hear his insights on what matters most for investors right now. And just a hint: He’s not recommending that you sell your stocks.

McCall’s Podcast

In fact, if you’ve also been panicking about the ongoing U.S.-China trade war, listen up for a recap of his recent appearance on Yahoo! Finance’s “The Ticker.” Aptiv (NYSE:APTV) stock stands out to McCall with its promise for post-trade war explosion. Its partnership with Lyft (NASDAQ:LYFT) isn’t too shabby, either.

Last but not least, if you’re looking to make a play when WeWork goes public – it’s expected to do so next month – you can rest assured that McCall has made his predictions on the future of WeWork stock.

Personal experience with a company can be important. McCall has been a long-time customer of WeWork, using shared office space in cities like New York and Nashville. After initially loving the spaces designed for passionate entrepreneurs, he fears WeWork’s parent company, The We Company, has lost its identity. What does this identity crisis mean for WeWork’s IPO?

Tune in to “Money Line” for more of McCall’s analysis on WeWork stock, the media’s take on a recession and what you should do in the face of ongoing trade troubles.

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