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Altimmune Stock Has Major Pipeline Potential

Many traders want to invest in the biopharmaceutical sector due to the spread of the coronavirus from China. However, there are so many companies to choose from that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. That said, one strong contender worth considering is Altimmune (NASDAQ:ALT) stock.

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Altimmune has a robust pipeline of vaccines and treatments, some of them potentially life-saving. The company also just announced a pivotal milestone in the battle against the coronavirus.

Altimmune stockholders could profit handsomely if the company’s proprietary anti-coronavirus vaccine is fully approved.

A Focus on Solutions

Altimmune is dedicated to developing vaccines and treatments for a number of conditions. A view of the company’s pipeline reveals potential vaccines and other treatments for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), chronic hepatitis B, solid tumors, influenza and anthrax.

That’s a truly diverse pipeline of prospective treatments and vaccines. Clearly this is not one of those biopharmaceutical companies that depends entirely on one product. And by developing potential vaccines for anthrax and influenza, along with an immunostimulant product for tumors, Altimmune’s work could actually save lives.

Among the company’s vaccines, the NasoShield differentiated anthrax vaccine really stands out. As Altimmune’s investor presentation suggests, competing anthrax vaccines tend to be more invasive than the NasoShield nasal spray.

For example, one competing product requires three doses of subcutaneous injections and requires an adjuvant (an added ingredient to help the vaccine work better). Another competing product requires two intramuscular injections along with two adjuvants. NasoShield, which is currently in development, will require just a single intranasal spray. No injections will be necessary.

A Significant Milestone

Despite all of its above promise, today’s investors are focused on potential coronavirus vaccines. And I believe that is a mistake. A good biopharmaceutical company like Altimmune can work on solutions to multiple conditions. It doesn’t have to be about just the coronavirus.

Still, people want to know which companies are making progress in the fight against the coronavirus. Therefore, it’s understandable that Altimmune is touting its latest milestone toward a hopefully effective anti-coronavirus vaccine.

Like NasoShield, Altimmune’s proposed vaccine will come in the form of an intranasal spray. This makes perfect sense. Many people don’t care for injections. An intranasal spray could be less invasive and uncomfortable, and might also be faster to apply.

Using proprietary technology, Altimmune’s proposed Covid-19 vaccine will only require a single dose. The company has already completed the design and synthesis phases for the vaccine. Altimmune is currently working toward the animal testing and manufacturing phases for this product.

Altimmune CEO Vipin Garg explains the proposed vaccine’s utility amid the coronavirus outbreak, as well as the possibility of strategic partnerships:

“We believe that our intranasal vaccine technology is especially well suited to provide systemic protection against respiratory infections that affect the upper and lower airways and can therefore be a useful tool in preventing further spread of COVID-19. As such, we are actively engaged in discussions with a number of potential partners.”

If a partnership pans out, multiple stakeholders could greatly benefit, including Altimmune shareholders.

My Final Words on Altimmune Stock

Altimmune stock fully deserves my B rating as a truly innovative developer of important medical solutions and treatments.

This is more than a coronavirus company, but if you’re going to pick a coronavirus stock, this is a strong contender.

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