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Don’t Drop AMD Stock as the Company Continues to Innovate

We can't predict the course of the coronavirus, be we can expect AMD stock to perform well

Waiting for lower prices isn’t always a winning game in the markets. When a company proves its leadership over and over, there’s just no denying that the stock is worth owning. Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ:AMD) stock would be a case in point as the company has earned its stellar reputation.

Don't Drop AMD Stock as the Company Continues to Innovate
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Concerns about the economic impact of the novel coronavirus are perfectly understandable. All sectors of the economy have been impacted, including semiconductors. Nonetheless, the fear will subside at some point and as the tech market returns to relative normalcy, AMD is poised to make a sharp recovery.

Powering the Future

Time and again, AMD has demonstrated its willingness to up the ante in leading-edge processors and GPUs. As I explained recently in an Accelerated Profits alert, “Overall, Advanced Micro Devices’ history of innovation and popular semiconductor offerings have helped the company continue to grow its top and bottom lines over the years.”

I also noted that AMD was founded over half a century ago and has been responsible for a number of firsts in the tech sector. For instance, the company introduced the first 3-D graphics chip in 1995, the first single-core processor to break the 1-GHz barrier in 2000 and the first Accelerated Processing Unit (which combines GPU and CPU functions) in 2011.

Thus, the company’s outsized share-price gains over the years have been in line with its growth and innovation curve. AMD stock is a perfect example of the kind of high-growth company my Project Mastermind research uncovers. To learn more about this ground-breaking research, please watch this video.

In the most recent demonstration if its standing within the industry, AMD recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). According to AMD’s press release, the company’s second-generation EPYC processors and Radeon Instinct MI25 GPUs will power Microsoft Azure NVv4 virtual machines.

Venturing Into the Cloud

Forrest Norrod, AMD’s senior vice president and general manager for the company’s Data Center and Embedded Solutions Group, explained the value that AMD’s processors will provide for cloud-centric partners like Microsoft:

“AMD processors give cloud providers and end customers access to some of the best performance, scalability and affordability for a variety of workloads … The unique combination of AMD CPUs and GPUs provide a differentiated solution for our cloud customers and bring new capabilities to end users, whether they are accessing a virtual desktop in the cloud or running complex and heavy simulations.”

Girish Bablani, the corporate vice president of Azure Compute at Microsoft, clearly indicates that the two companies will continue and likely expand their partnership:

“AMD and Microsoft Azure share a history of bringing new capabilities and levels of performance with VMs that support a variety of customer workloads … [W]e look forward to building even more success in cloud computing with AMD.”

That’s about as powerful a partnership as you can get. Hitching your ride to Microsoft is akin to teaming up with a giant. Worried investors may choose to sit out while the markets assess the economic damage of the coronavirus. Yet, it’s tech leaders like AMD that could drive the markets back to their former high-water marks.

The Final Word on AMD Stock

The coronavirus has impeded economic growth, but it cannot stop the forward march of great innovators like AMD. Therefore, it only makes sense to hold AMD stock if you agree that today’s leaders will succeed and thrive even in these challenging times.

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