IBIO Stock Is a Unique and Worthy Biotech Bet

This vaccine developer's aggressiveness makes IBIO stock a potential winner

A number of biotechnology firms are currently working to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. Traders have been buzzing about iBio (NYSEAMERICAN:IBIO) stock because picking the right company could lead to quick profits.

IBIO Stock Is a Unique and Worthy Biotech Bet
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But don’t view this as a horse race to find a vaccine, or as a lottery ticket to pick the right company randomly. Both the economy and the health of the community are at stake here.

Thankfully, iBio is on the right track and deserves investors’ attention during this challenging time.

What’s Different About iBio?

With multiple biotechs working furiously to get a vaccine to market, it’s important to know how each company differentiates itself from the others. Not all biotechnology companies are standouts. However, iBio has a proprietary technology that’s quite unique.

It’s called FastPharming and it’s based on plant-based protein production. It’s a transformative technology that iBio specializes in. Kathleen L. Hefferon and Henry I. Miller explain why it’s advantageous to focus on the power of proteins: “Compared with proteins derived from mammalian cells or chemical systems, proteins from genetically engineered plants are also easy to scale up and synthesize with other proteins, and they remain stable at room temperature for longer periods.”

Scalability and stability are important, but those aren’t the only advantages of FastPharming. It’s also fast, which is of vital importance as the coronavirus is spreading every day. FastPharming’s expedited process “shortens timelines to the clinic and can move a program from gene sequence to protein production in as little as three weeks,” according to iBio.

Also important is iBio’s uncompromising quality in using plant-based science. Through FastPharming, the company is able to produce “consistent therapeutics that are well-accepted by global regulatory bodies.” That’s crucial as the world is seeking a high-quality coronavirus vaccine that could potentially be fast-tracked through the regulatory system.

Fast Profits with FastPharming?

IBIO stock has dropped from more than $2.50 to under $1. That’s not due to any particularly bad news about the company. The decline in iBio shares isn’t very different from the overall decline in vaccine-development companies since early-to-mid March.

If FastPharming turns out to be the technology that leads to an approved, marketable coronavirus vaccine, iBio stock could quickly surpass $2.50. In fact, iBio’s proprietary methods are ideally suited for preparing vaccines and treatments for clinical trials and, eventually, for commercial use.

Fast profits require fast action, and iBio is a quick mover. Consider that the company has already filed four provisional coronavirus-related patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Using the company’s FastPharming system, iBio developed SARS-CoV-2 Virus-Like Particle (VLP)-based constructs in a matter of weeks. The four aforementioned provisional patent applications would, if approved, support this VLP platform.

IBIO Co-chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tom Isett described the exciting progress that VLP science has already shown, along with what the future may hold: “We are pleased with both the speed of our development activities and the quality of the VLPs our technology is yielding in practice … The tightly controlled particle size allows for uniform antigen display, which should translate to a consistent dose response and a highly efficient production process, facilitating a ramp-up to tens of millions of doses if we are successful in the clinic.”

The Final Word on IBIO Stock

Will FastPharming and VLP technology prove to be the foundation of a successful coronavirus vaccine? Only time will tell. Given the ambitiousness of the company, though, so far IBIO stock looks like a worthy wager on exciting plant-based solutions.

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