Citrix Stock Is the Perfect Work-From-Home Investment

Is anything really “normal” during a global pandemic? Probably not, but the new normal for businesses today is certainly remote work. Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) is helping businesses and workers to adapt, and CTXS stockholders have profited during these challenging times.

CTXS stock

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Don’t get me wrong. Like most other tech assets, CTXS stock took a hit in late February when the news of the novel coronavirus first impacted the markets. But since then, the company’s resilience and the stock’s recovery have been impressive.

Even after all the coronavirus-induced fear subsides, a compelling argument can be made that Citrix will remain poised for growth. In anticipation of this, taking a position in CTXS stock today could be a smart and forward-thinking move.

CTXS Stock Is an Old Player in a ‘New’ Niche

Some media pundits have been behaving as if working remotely is a brand-new phenomenon. If you listen to them, you might get the impression that people didn’t start to work from home until the pandemic started.

That’s far from the truth. Remote work has been around for decades, though not all businesses really considered it until recently. Now they’re seeing that remote work is not only possible for their business model, but is actually more efficient and convenient in many respects.

Therefore, investors should expect businesses to continue to avail themselves of remote-working options well into the future. Besides, the practice of social distancing won’t vanish immediately after the coronavirus crisis subsides.

Citrix has been heavily involved in remote-work facilitation for a very long time. As Citrix CMO Tim Minahan observes, the company has been “enabling remote work for more than 30 years.”

Moreover, as Minahan concisely but cogently explains, savvy businesses won’t just abandon the remote-work paradigm after the pandemic:

“Remote work is top of mind for companies around the world. And while some see it as a short-term fix to the COVID-19 problem, smart companies recognize it may be a long-term solution as they plan for what promises to be a radically different future.”

Citrix Is a Well-known Innovator

Indeed, it will be a “radically different future” where face-to-face interactions won’t be the norm for a while, and possibly indefinitely. Yet Citrix was already providing solutions for this problem long before it existed.

The company’s solutions are already being used by over 400,000 organizations. That includes 98% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. It’s safe to say that big companies will continue to use Citrix as their go-to source of remote-work technologies.

But the company certainly isn’t sitting on its laurels, as Citrix continues to innovate in the remote-work niche. Consider Citrix Endpoint Management as an example. With this, it’s possible to secure endpoints for multiple workstations (desktops, laptops, tablets, internet of things devices and even smartphones) from a single source.

That source can roll out updates, for instance, to many devices all at once without traveling or touching a single screen. This innovation goes far beyond social distancing. It’s a way to potentially reduce data breaches in a time when corporate data protection is of paramount importance.

And of course there’s Citrix Workspace, the company’s crown jewel in the remote-work world. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more flexible solution for a remote-work environment.

Businesses can use Citrix Workspace to facilitate a secure remote-work network both on the company’s premises and in the cloud. Multiple users, devices, apps and networks can work together in a secure and centrally controlled manner.

The Bottom Line

Long before the pandemic rattled the global economy and markets, CTXS stock was an excellent investment. Today, Citrix’s value proposition remains stronger than ever.

You could even say that the company has been preparing for the remote-work revolution for 30 years. Now the revolution is here, and Citrix is right at the forefront.

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