Stick With Ocugen As Its Covid-19 Vaccine Is the Real Deal

Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical specialist Ocugen (NASDAQ:OCGN) radically changed its focus as a result of the onset of the novel coronavirus. OCGN stock holders now own a stake in a business that’s competing with other Covid-19 vaccine makers.

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That’s not a bad thing at all, though. In fact, Ocugen shares have brought outstanding returns to long-term investors. Indeed, the onset of the new virus seems to have boosted traders’ enthusiasm for this company.

As we’ll see, however, it wasn’t always a smooth ride for the shareholders. There were times when OCGN stock lurched to and fro, shaking out investors who couldn’t stomach the volatility.

Today, it appears that things have settled down. Now Ocugen, through a value-added partnership, is preparing to move forward with potentially lifesaving science.

OCGN Stock at a Glance

As recently as December of 2020, OCGN stock was trading at around 30 cents. It certainly would be nice to acquire the shares at that price today, but don’t count on that happening.

In early 2021, the stock went on a rocket ride that would take it up to a 52-week high of $18.77, established on Feb. 8. As exciting as that run-up was, it’s generally not recommended to buy a stock after a vertical move like that.

Thus, OCGN stock declined during the next couple of months, bottoming out at around $5.50 in mid-April. But then, the buyers seemed to reassert themselves in late April, pushing the share price back up to $13.

Clearly this stock isn’t appropriate for every investor — it’s a very fast mover. Yet a small position in Ocugen shares may be warranted if you believe in the company’s vision of introducing a potentially game-changing Covid-19 vaccine.

A Potent Partnership

Ocugen’s proposed Covid-19 vaccine is known as Covaxin. The company is advancing the development of Covaxin with partner Bharat Biotech.

I’ve heard it suggested that OCGN stock has posted strong gains because it’s popular among Robinhood traders.

But I don’t believe it’s fair to pigeonhole the stock into strict “vaccine stocks” or “Robinhood stocks” classifications.

Long-term Ocugen investors deserve to earn robust returns as they’re siding with a pair of companies that could potentially deliver a Covid-19 vaccine to millions of people around the world.

Bharat is truly a perfect partner for Ocugen in this endeavor. If you can believe it, Bharat Biotech has already delivered more than 4 billion vaccine doses globally (not necessarily Covid-19 vaccines).

And as Bharat indicates, the company owns 145 patents and its products “help people in over 123 countries live to their fullest potential.”

On March 3, 2021, Bharat Biotech reported that the Phase 3 results for Covaxin indicated an interim clinical efficacy rate of 80.6%.

Already, the collaboration between Ocugen and Bharat was starting to produce encouraging results. However, the best was yet to come.

Can’t Get Better Than 100%

In April, it was reported that Covaxin demonstrated an overall efficacy of 78% against Covid-19.

Now, you might be thinking that there are other Covid-19 vaccines out there with higher reported percentages than that.

Fair enough, but hold on. It was also found that Covaxin demonstrated 100% efficacy against severe Covid-19.

In that regard, obviously you can’t do any better than that result. It’s not every day that you hear “100% efficacy” mentioned in a clinical trial context.

Plus, there’s something else. Evidently, Covaxin was found to have 70% efficacy against asymptomatic infections. This is significant as it tends to suggest that Covaxin prevents transmissions.

All of this was derived from an interim analysis of a Phase III clinical trial of Covaxin. Ocugen Chairman and CEO Shankar Musunuri is evidently preparing for his company to bring Covaxin, upon approval, to the United States. “We are dedicated to being a part of the solution to save lives from COVID-19 by bringing COVAXIN to the U.S. market,” Musunuri said.

The Takeaway

The partnership between Ocugen and Bharat Biotech could produce a vaccine that greatly inhibits Covid-19 transmissions.

And as for OCGN stockholders, the combined efforts between Ocugen and Bharat Biotech should offer strong and enduring motivation to stay in the trade.

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