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“I’ve got a problem,” I explained to my MBA advisor as we looked through the piles of data I had gathered for my final project.

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“I think I just disproved my hypothesis.”

It was a difficult moment for me. My father was a stonemason, and I was the first person in my family to attend college.

So, I was extremely determined to make the most of my opportunity.

I wanted to get my degree, get a good job and make my family proud.

And up until this point, everything was going exactly as planned.

I had sailed through undergraduate school in two-and-a-half years and enrolled directly into an MBA in finance right after I graduated.

Yet, here I was … with the finish line in sight … thinking that two years of hard work was about to be flushed down the drain.

You see, this was back in the late 70s, and there was a theory floating around in the academic circles called, “The Efficient Market Hypothesis.”

It basically stated that because of the way information flows in the market, it’s impossible to consistently beat the market over the long term.

Therefore, the best strategy is to just buy the major indices and hold them until you’re ready to retire.

And I had designed an experiment to prove that the efficient market hypothesis was true.

The only problem was, my data was saying otherwise.

I had used my access to a few mainframe computers at Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) and Stanford (remember this was back in the days before PCs) to analyze years of data on thousands of stocks …

And I discovered, contrary to the opinions of my professors, that the efficient market theory was false.

It was, in fact, possible to use computers to analyze vast amounts of information and find anomalies in the stock market data.

Little hidden formulas that can be used to find the stocks that are most likely to go up … with the least amount of risk.

When I looked at all this data, I came to a life-changing conclusion.

Computerized trading systems are the future of investing.

This one simple discovery would change my life forever.

Instead of heading to Wall Street, I decided to venture out on my own, to develop a system that could help me beat out even the professional traders and investors on Wall Street.

And it was the right call.

Because by the time I turned 30, I was a millionaire with a successful money management firm.

And I was helping my clients rake in returns that were the envy of every other firm on Wall Street.

Over the years, I’ve hired an army of researchers to help me perfect this system.

Which has helped my clients rake in hundreds of millions of dollars.

But over the last few years I’ve been working on an even bigger project.

Applying my proven system to a corner of the market where the gains can be even more explosive.

I call it the Accelerated Wealth System.

And it’s proving to be one of my most remarkable systems to date.

For example, we currently have open recommendations at 500% with an energy company … 755% with a digital company … and 231% with a sports retailer.

Over the next few days, I’m going to show you exactly how this system works.

I’m going to reveal how this system targets winners like …

  • A 612% gain on Santarus
  • A 220% gain on Bitauto Holdings
  • A 347% gain on America Movil
  • A 457% gain on Holly Corp
  • A 477% gain in EMC Corp
  • A 758% gain on Vipshop Holdings Limited (NYSE:VIPS)…
  • And a 1,125% gain on Hansen Natural

I’ll explain in full detail during my special Accelerated Wealth Summit next Wednesday, May 19, at 4 p.m. ET. Please make sure to RSVP today to reserve your spot!

I look forward to seeing you there!


Louis Navellier

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