Go From Zero to 60 with an Early-Stage Stake in Fisker

While electric vehicle (EV) start-up Fisker (NYSE:FSR) certainly isn’t the only company with unique vehicles, it has generated a lot of press coverage. It’s not difficult to find commentators talking about FSR stock with both positive and negative reviews.

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You’ve probably heard about the the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that just passed, which will allocate $7.5 billion toward vehicle electrification. It’s reasonable to expect Fisker and its stakeholders to benefit from this event.

On the other hand, other electric vehicle companies will also benefit from this historic legislation. The question then revolves around whether FSR stock, in particular, offers compelling value to investors.

Fortunately, Fisker provided a definitive response to this question not long ago. By unveiling the company’s potentially game-changing electric SUV, Fisker’s not just talking about the EV revolution – it’s fighting the battle on the front lines.

A Closer Look at FSR Stock

FSR stock is back. Actually, it never went away, but the stock appears to be staging a strong, bullish comeback. On Sept. 13, I predicted that the Fisker share price could double from where it was at that time. The stock was trading at around $13.60 then.

As of Nov. 23, FSR stock had already ramped up to $20.10. That’s not quite a 2x move, but bear in mind the stock did reach $23.68 just one week earlier.

Therefore, I’m still going to pound the table for investors to consider a long position in Fisker. After all, the share price has rallied as high as $31.96 during the past 12 months.

As the old saying goes, the trend is your friend. After struggling for a while in 2021, FSR stock is now trending to the upside, so this could be the breakout moment that the loyal shareholders have been waiting for.

Don’t Forget the Financials of FSR Stock

We’ll certainly take a peek at the specifications of Fisker’s recently unveiled all-electric SUV, which so many people are talking about now. However, I would never recommend investing in a stock unless you’ve checked under the hood of the company, financially speaking.

Now, I’m not saying that Fisker’s third-quarter 2021 results are going to make everyone smile. Indeed, the company’s quarterly net earnings loss of $109.8 million is going to be off-putting to some folks.

Yet, Fisker’s fans know the deal. This is a company with no earnings now, as it’s still getting ready to start mass-producing and selling its EVs to the public.

At least we can say that Fisker is in a solid capital position, with cash and cash equivalents of $1.4 billion as of Sept. 30. The company had $962 million as of June 30, so we’re witnessing a rapid improvement in that area.

Dive Head-first into the Ocean

And now, the moment so many Fisker fans have been waiting for: the unveiling of the production-intent version of the Ocean SUV.

This event took place with much fanfare at the Los Angeles Auto Show. As you would expect, Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker was present and issued some enthusiastic commentary.

“Our mission is to create the world’s most innovative and sustainable vehicles that are also affordable, and it all starts with the Fisker Ocean as we fully embrace a clean future for all,” Fisker declared.

People use the word “affordable” a lot, but the Fisker Ocean is actually reasonably priced. The all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Ultra costs $49,999, while the all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Extreme is priced at $68,999.

There were plenty of bragging points at the Ocean presentation, including:

  • California Mode, which provides a near-convertible SUV experience
  • Fisker’s SolarSky roof, available on select models
  • An infotainment interface
  • 22-inch F3 SlipStream wheels
  • Battery packs with a nickel manganese cobalt cell chemistry
  • EPA ranges for the Fisker Ocean Ultra and Fisker Ocean Extreme of approximately 340 miles and over 350 miles, respectively

The Bottom Line on FSR Stock

It’s fair to say the Los Angeles Fisker Ocean unveiling was a huge success. People are talking about the company, and it appears a comeback is afoot with FSR stock.

When the Ocean SUV starts production on Nov. 17, 2022, there will likely be another burst of excitement. Knowing this, you might want to take a position in the stock long before that happens.

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