The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on StartEngine Right Now

best startups - The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on StartEngine Right Now

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Startups often have ambitious business plans, but implementing those plans requires a lot of work and funding. A car needs to have its tires in great condition to be safe, but even with brand new tires, there are external conditions such as ice or snow that can cause a car to lose traction. The same is true for startups.

In this article, I’m focusing on seven startups that have gained a lot of traction, as they are among the most funded companies on StartEngine. Investors like their business plans, their goals and the solutions they provide.

Of course, you should perform your due diligence and fully understand the risks associated with startup investing. Don’t neglect this crucial advice, and do your research on these startups before investing:

  • TruBrain
  • Future Cardia
  • SapientX
  • Konnected
  • Zirconia Inc.
  • Badger by Satellite Displays
  • Lolaark Vision Inc.

Best Startups: TruBrain

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Our brains are engaged all day by numerous stimuli, which comes with all sorts of challenges. Nutritional choices affect our peak potential and determine whether we’ll find a balance between stress and daily distractions.

TruBrain has developed patent-pending brain food that is designed by neuroscientists to help with focus, memory and sleep, anxiety and procrastination. It’s designed to make people more productive and motivated and achieve better mental endurance. The products “include a line of food, beverage, and nutrition products that have premium formulation and novel form factors.”

TruBrain has achieved more than $16 million in sales and is profitable. It has raised $3.6 million from venture capitals and social investors and has plans to expand in personalized healthcare.

The markets targeted are nootropics, keto and CBD with a total market potential of $38 billion by 2024.

TruBrain uses a direct-to-consumer business model offering a subscription model.

You can invest in TruBrain on StartEngine with a minimum amount of $351.

Future Cardia

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Future Cardia is developing a tiny cardiac monitor for heart failure that can be inserted under the skin without invasive surgery.

This technology consists of an acoustic sensor to track hurt and lung sounds, an ECG for the rhythm of the heart and an accelerometer monitoring activity.

The data gathered is transferred securely to the patient’s smartphone and then to the cloud-based AI so that cardiologists have access to remote monitoring. The devices are covered by insurance, which is beneficial to many potential users.

Heart failure emergencies cost $21 billion per year, and Future Cardia sees a $5 billion total addressable market. It aims to become a leader in saving lives and detecting early signs of heart failure before symptoms occur.

The business model assumes that each unit is expected to cost $5,300 with an established reimbursement of $7,400, with an estimated revenue of $26 million within 4 years.

You can invest in Future Cardia on StartEngine with a minimum amount of $250.

Best Startups: SapientX

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SapientX is developing voice assistant software powered by AI. The company says its voice assistant has conversational accuracy of up to 99% compared to 75% for Siri.

SapientX has collaborated with companies in various sectors, from car manufacturers to makers of smart home devices, vending machines and other appliances. The software has been completed and numerous prototypes have already been given to major companies.

The software speaks 40 languages, can work both online and offline and provides a crucial advantage of protecting sensitive user data. Solving the problem of low accuracy in most voice systems, SapientX aims to make its voice assistant solution like talking to your best friend.

The firm is targeting the voice AI market that is expected to grow to $31.82 billion by 2025, with an impressive CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 17.2%. Commercialization may not be far away with plans of shipping products in 2022.

You can invest in SapientX on StartEngine with a minimum amount of $100.75.


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In a world where technology is found everywhere, why shouldn’t our homes be smart? Konnected has developed a technology to connect smart homes with wired alarm systems, making smart monitoring easier.

The Konnected Alarm Panel is an internet of things (IoT) device that upgrades your wired alarm system to a world of full connectivity with smart and effective home apps. By integrating with popular smart home platforms like SmartThings and Alexa, users can either replace their existing alarm systems or connect them in parallel with Konnected’s solution to upgrade their homes.

The problems with traditional wired systems solved by Konnected are inconvenience, no remote monitoring and high monthly fees. The firm plans to expand soon into turning “dumb” garage doors into smart ones. It has already earned $3.5 million in revenue.

The smart home market is expected to grow to $151 billion by 2024 and the security market will reach $11.3 billion by 2027. These markets offer great potential for revenue generation and market share for Konnected.

You can invest in Konnected on StartEngine with a minimum amount of $195.

Best Startups: Zirconia Inc.

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Zirconia is transforming the construction industry by providing safer and more stable infrastructure. The firm is creating a ceramic coating that helps stabilize concrete and steel surfaces with an affordable and antimicrobial solution.

The company has received certification for use in public drinking water plumbing in the U.K. and its technology has been selected for concrete restoration by the Yorkshire Water Asset Management Plan Program.

Some of the problems solved by Zirconia in the traditional concrete and steel industry are cracks and other failures. The solutions used by many other companies to solve this problem sometimes involve toxic materials that cannot bond with steel or concrete, with the result not lasting beyond a few years.

Zirconia’s coating fills all cracks and automatically bonds to steel and concrete elements offering a solution that is impenetrable to the environment and strongly antimicrobial.

Zirconia is disrupting the $2.8 trillion annual steel and concrete corrosion market providing a “green infrastructure” solution suitable to address climate change.

You can invest in Zirconia on StartEngine with a minimum amount of $200.

Badger by Satellite Displays

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Badger is a wearable smart badge that performs several tasks, from translating to converting speech-to-text in real time, eliminating communication problems. It is estimated that more than 35 million Americans and 466 million people worldwide have some sort of hearing loss problem. By the year 2050, the company says this figure could increase to 2.5 billion people.

Badger is the world’s first and only wearable closed captioning smart badge. It connects to users’ cellphones via Bluetooth technology, isolates speech and converts it into text. The text is displayed in real-time on the badge so that other people can read it. The company cites numerous health settings where Badger could be used.

The markets targeted are the $49.6 billion interpretation and translation market and the $21.1 billion smart badge markets.

You can invest in Badger by Satellite Displays on StartEngine with a minimum amount of $200.

Best Startups: Lolaark Vision Inc.

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Autonomous vehicles are a trend that several automotive makers are investing heavily in now as it could become the future of driving along with electric cars. How do you reduce potential accidents, though, especially in harsh weather conditions?

Lolaark Vision is a software company that solves the problem of poor visibility in fog, snow, heavy rain and even underwater by increasing the accuracy of camera-based systems. By restoring live video stream visibility, the risks of potential accidents are diminished significantly. The technology used and its algorithms improve the visibility of cameras in real time, as every moment counts for safety.

Other than autonomous vehicles, the technology can be used in many other industries like marine operations, security, surveillance and biomedical imaging.

The autonomous car market is projected to grow to $556.67 billion by 2026, and the video surveillance market is projected to be worth $144.85 billion by the year 2027. Lolaark offers key advantages by improving navigation, operational safety and efficiency.

You can invest in Lolaark Vision on StartEngine with a minimum amount of $275.

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