Equity Crowdfunding & Startups to Invest In Now

The stock market isn’t the only way for everyday investors to tap into high-growth equity. In the past, only accredited investors could buy into privately traded companies, making a killing in the process. Thanks to the JOBS act, private investing in the form of equity crowdfunding is now open to investors of all backgrounds and skill levels. InvestorPlace seeks to be the first stop in your investment journey, providing educational research in all things investible.

The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on StartEngine Right Now

These 7 startups to buy show promise in a range of disruptive sectors. Investors willing to take a risky wager can net big returns.

Can Google’s Monopoly Be Disrupted?

Google's ability to leverage our personal information is scary to many. These companies are looking to tip the scales in users' favor.

How “DoorDash Europe” Made Early Investors a 200x Return

If nine out of 10 of your investments go to zero, that's bad, right? Well, not if the one that succeeds has a 200 times return.

The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy Right Now

Let's look at some of the best startups to invest in now, from a video surveillance company to a natural coffee alternative.

Warren Buffett and Elon Musk Aren’t Buying Stocks… So Why Are You?

At well over 200%, the Buffett Indicator provides a glimpse into why billionaires aren't investing as much in the markets these days.

Private Investors Are Already Printing Metaverse Money

The metaverse is here, but what's the best way to invest in it? There are a lot of exciting opportunities worth checking out.

The 7 Best Startups Innovative Investors Should Buy on Republic Today

These 7 startups show innovative promise that should appeal to any investor trying to buy the next big company of tomorrow, today.

What This $3 Billion YouTube Channel Deal Means for Your Wealth

You might not have heard of Moonbug Entertainment, but they've grown to be one of the biggest names in children's entertainment.

The Supply Chain Is Broken, but There Are Huge Opportunities in Fixing It

Supply chain woes have affected all of us, but there are startups actively trying to solve these problems that are worth considering.

The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on Republic Right Now

From coffee and alcohol purveyors to a robotic kitchen assistant and a company fighting burnout, here are some top startups on Republic.

With a Little Detective Work, You Won’t Get Duped Like Goldman Sachs Almost Was

When private companies make dubious claims, always do your due diligence; as Columbo puts it, "just one more thing..."

The 7 Best Startups to Buy on StartEngine Right Now

If you're an investor searching for interesting opportunities, you may want to take a peek at the StartEngine equity crowdfunding platform.

The 7 Best Startups to Buy Now From Across the Internet

Some of the best startups now offer an interesting business model and are potential disruptors in their markets and industries.

Make Your Kids (or Yourself!) Twice as Rich

Annual VC returns are 14.8%, compared to around 10% for the S&P 500. That can translate to an enormous difference after many years.

Build “Unconventional” Wealth

A company like Amazon is unlikely to have 10-fold growth anytime soon, but the companies they acquire can do just that for investors.

How You Can Team Up With the World’s Greatest Wealth Creators

There are plenty of ways to generate massive wealth, but there's one thing that most people who manage to do that have in common.

The 7 Best New Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns on StartEngine

These seven equity crowdfunding campaigns offer exciting ways to get involved in companies innovating in various industries early.

7 Promising Startups to Begin Investing in Right Now

These names are some of the best startups you can invest in on equity crowdfunding platforms. Sure, they're risky. But they also show promise.

7 Highly Funded Equity Crowdfunding Opportunities on Republic

Equity crowdfunding is a way to invest in companies early. Here are seven opportunities that have already received a lot of attention.

7 Great Highly-Funded Startups With Equity Crowdfunding on StartEngine

Equity crowdfunding is a way to invest early in companies with great ideas. Here are seven that have already gotten a lot of attention.