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The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on StartEngine the Week of May 11

  • Investing in the best startups is a great way to diversify your portfolio into new and promising investment opportunities
  • Einstök Beer Company: This company is making a premium craft beer with Icelandic heritage.
  • Karla & Co: This is a clothing and accessories brand for the Latin community.
  • Localvore: It offers a platform connecting people with restaurants, supporting local food producers.
  • Speedy Eats: Speedy Eats has developed automated, standalone kitchens for a drive-through and delivery.
  • Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing: This company aims at revolutionizing solar energy with its solar panels.
  • Pops! Diabetes Care: This healthcare name is running and commercializing an AI self-care diabetes platform.
  • Pantera Tools:  This company offers a bid management software in the construction industry.
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A startup investing platform is a gateway to access insights into companies and their business plans, financial projections, and investment terms. It has all you need to decide if you wish to become one of their very early investors. Investing in the best startups is not just about the psychological effect of investing and supporting a promising, bold, and risky idea, it is more than this.

StartEngine offers a vast number of startups to choose from. You can invest in portfolio diversification tools and get the opportunity to join a network of like-minded investors sharing common values and aspirations.

Here are seven of the best startups on StartEngine that recently launched their equity crowdfunding campaigns to consider adding to your portfolio.

Einstök Beer Company

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Not all beers are made or taste the same. Einstök is a premium craft beer made from pure Icelandic glacier water, a naturally filtered water that forms the base for a unique taste. The firm has created a portfolio of premium ales and lagers.

Some of the beers include Icelandic White Ale, which is the flagship; Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale; Icelandic Toasted Porter; and Arctic lager, which the company describes as “as crisp as Iceland’s glaciers.” These beers are seasonal and the traction is evident — you can buy them in 24 countries. They’ve also won important distinctions, since Einstök is the number one craft beer in Iceland, AND its number-one alcohol export.

In the U.S. market, Einstök is sold in 22 states, having an established network of national retailers such as Total Wine & More, BevMo!, and Trader Joe’s.  It is notable to mention that the firm has also won several awards internationally for its brews. All this definitely makes it one of the best startups to consider backing.

The minimum investment in Einstök Beer Company on StartEngine is $250.

Karla & Co

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Karla & Co is a clothing line for people who want to express their Latin culture. The problem addressed is a gap in representing Latin culture in the fashion industry. There is a limited supply of Latina brands, and often the various Latin cultures are misrepresented or there is a lack of adequate knowledge about their diversity and depth.

So Karla & Co is a Latina brand that wants to serve three main goals — to educate people, express the cultures with uniqueness and empower Latinas. This brand sells the products directly to its customers via its website and stayed profitable even through the pandemic. Why is this so?

The apparel is made only when it is purchased, following a “made to order” model that allows for lower levels of inventory and high margins at a high quality. Interestingly, Karla & Co has been profitable from the beginning even while targeting a very niche population — Latinas between the ages of 21 and 38 years old.

The minimum investment in Karla & Co on StartEngine is $255.


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The next entry on this list of the best startups is Localvore, which has been developing technology that supports and strengthens local businesses and economies. According to the company, there are several factors that can harm local businesses, including big tech not being designed for small businesses and high fees for social media or delivery programs that disproportionately hurt smaller restaurants.

And while it’s supporting the businesses themselves, there is also a strong social purpose for Localvore — to combat hunger for more than 40 million people in the U.S. by offering free meals to people who cannot afford food. During the pandemic, this was made possible by connecting with the Everyone Eats program, which paid restaurants $10 per meal and allowed people facing a hard time feeding themselves to order that food.

Localvore is targeting “conscious consumers” — shoppers who really think about where their food is coming from and who makes it — a group estimated to be nearly 30 million in the U.S.  market. If even 10% of them will pay a monthly subscription of $9.95 to get access to local businesses like restaurants that support local food producers and farmers, it has the potential to generate $300 million in annual recurring revenue.

This concept has been tested with success in Vermont and is now ready to go national.

The minimum investment in Localvore on StartEngine is $249.99.

Speedy Eats

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Investing in Speedy Eats means investing in automated drive-up and walk-up kitchen with sides, drinks and the ability to make hot meals like pizza in under 20 seconds. People can either choose to pick up the food or have it delivered. These kitchens will be available 24/7, offering a convenient way to get food anytime and super-fast.

The use of artificial intelligence technology can estimate either high or low demand for food and therefore reduce the energy footprint.

Speedy Eats is targeting the quick service restaurants market, valued at $100 billion per year, and the food delivery market which has a value of $94 billion per year. The key features of Speedy Eats are focused on the use of open spaces (like parking lots), easy operation and low overhead. The services soon will offer other food, like salads.

The main advantage of the firm is the business model itself, which is a low-maintenance, smart-software model offering both hot and cold food. It can operate all day long with low costs. The company says it expects to sell 100 units that will be fully operational by the middle of next year.

The minimum investment in Speedy Eats on StartEngine is $249.26.

Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing

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Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing provides solutions to make your home solar installation easy and affordable with its technologically advanced solar panels. An investment in these solar panels to reduce your electricity costs offers, essentially, a growing tax-free dividend.

The excess energy can be stored and transferred to an electrical company in the form of credit, so you can increase your savings and reduce your energy costs too.

The firm has designed a series of important improvements related to the productivity, longevity, and of course the output of solar panels. These core features of the solar systems are what consumers would love to hear more about. The solar panels are easier to install, cheaper, and more efficient using both their battery storage being more heat resistant.

Taking the potential of solar panels and maximizing it is a big business for Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing. It claims it can increase solar output by up to 30%, and has signed and pending contracts that have an estimated value above $25 million.

The minimum investment in Renewable Energy Products Manufacturing on StartEngine is $100.

Pops! Diabetes Care

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Pops! is a healthcare platform that helps people better manage chronic conditions like diabetes. The platform consists of digital assistant Mina, the Rebel glucose reader, and the organizations that have partnered with them to join the Mina ecosystem. The reader helps them get their numbers on a smartphone — easy and convenient.

Pops! services are already present in all states of the U.S. and in Australia with 15 issued and seven pending patents and a very strong revenue growth of 986% from Q4 2020 to Q4 2021.

This self-care platform is not only designed to make the lives of patients easier, but it aims at changing their healthcare behaviors as well. The current formula is to diminish stress and pain related to diabetes and soon there are plans to expand to other chronic illnesses diseases like hypertension, high cholesterol, and others.

Pops says it wants to help the users of its self-care platform take ownership of their health and of their lives.

The minimum investment in Pops! Diabetes Care on StartEngine is $200.61.

Pantera Tools

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The final entry on this list of the best startups, Pantera Tools, helps customers save time and reduce costs on their construction projects by offering what they want to be the best construction technology solutions. The firm offers a premier bid management product focused on the construction industry that has additional added-value features like document storage and sharing, field communication, project scheduling, and payment processing. the goal is to become an all-in-one construction software to cover all needs of these projects.

This software generates revenue by selling a yearly subscription at nearly $5,000 a year and having a high retention ratio of 92% in customers during 2021. On top of that, the company is profitable.

The Construction Market in the U.S. is valued at more than $1.36 trillion and Pantera Tools believes it can win a share of this market at a very affordable price compared to its competitors.

The firm has already 300 general contractors subscribed and has more than 800,000 sub-contractors in its database that plans to monetize.

The minimum investment in Pantera Tools on StartEngine is $188.02.

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