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By now you’ve surely heard the hype surrounding some of the biggest meme stocks: AMC Entertainment, Bed Bath & Beyond, Express. Meme stocks first made headlines in 2020 as investors on Reddit coordinated a short squeeze, sending GameStop shares soaring. Today, online communities on various social media platforms continue to rally around their favorite beaten-down names. If the companies are a little nostalgic and the stocks have a high short interest, even better. But which ones are actually solid investments? We’ve done the research – and combed through r/WallStreetBets – so you don’t have to.

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5 Investors Betting Big on Tesla (TSLA) Stock Right Now

TSLA stock is rising following the release of its fourth-quarter earnings report. CEO Elon Musk remains the largest shareholder of Tesla.

Why Is Cryptyde (TYDE) Stock Moving Today?

Cryptyde (TYDE) stock is on the move Thursday as investors react to the company's strong revenue guidance for the full year of 2023.

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Helbiz has been on a superhuman quest to drive up HLBZ stock. Can it really beat Mr. Market forever, though?

Why Is Tesla (TSLA) Stock Up 10% Today?

TSLA stock is surging this morning after the electric vehicle (EV) maker reported stronger-than-expected fourth-quarter results.

Helbiz (HLBZ) Stock Falls 20% as CEO Wages #NakedShortWar

Today, investors in Helbiz and HLBZ stock are in selling mode despite renewed calls for a war on naked short selling.

Why Is Bed Bath & Beyond (NASDAQ:BBBY) Stock Up 10% Today?

Shares of embattled retailer Bed Bath & Beyond are surging again today. BBBY stock is moving 10% higher on little news.

Dear TSLA Stock Fans, Mark Your Calendars for Jan. 25

Earnings will offer TSLA stock investors a reading on how far Tesla remains ahead of rivals in producing electric vehicles and batteries.

Short Squeeze Stocks Alert: 5 Hot Stocks With HIGH Cost to Borrow Fees

Short sellers collected significant profits last year, beating out the S&P 500. Here are five short squeeze stocks with high CTB fees.

Genius (GNS) Stock Heats Up as CEO Roger Hamilton Declares #NakedShortWar

GNS stock has been at the center of attention following Genius Group's creation of an "Illegal Trading Task Force."

MULN… AMC… TSLA… How Meme Stocks Turned Us Into Terrible Investors

Meme stocks like GME and MULN have burned retail investors. That's not stopping investors from diving in again and again.

AMC Stock: Adam Aron Backs Cash Raises as Regal Closes Theaters

AMC Entertainment has been all over the map lately. AMC stock is trying to find its footing after a 73% rally off the December low.

MULN Stock: New Petition Calls for Mullen to Fight Short Sellers Like Genius Group

Shareholders of MULN stock have drafted to petition for the company to investigate shares that have failed to be delivered.

MULN Stock: Preliminary Results Say Reverse Stock Split Is Coming

Mullen held its special meeting of stockholders. MULN stock shareholders preliminarily voted in favor of Proposal No. 1 and No. 4.

3 Sorry Stocks to Sell in January Before It’s Too Late

The market is still bearish, making it the ideal time to review your portfolio and pick out which stocks are best to sell.

PRTY Stock Surges 10% as Party City Files for Bankruptcy

The retailer's share price is rising today after it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as retail traders target PRTY stock for a short squeeze.

MULN Stock Alert: Does Mullen Have 3,000 Preorders For Its FIVE EV?

Mullen has released its Form 10-K. A figure from the 10-K and a press release may imply that the company has 3,000 preorders.

3 Stocks Set to Soar When the Bears Get Short-Squeezed

These three companies are all stocks set to soar, if another momentum-driven rally in meme stocks and short squeeze opportunities pans out.

Adam Aron Says Avatar Is a BULL Signal for AMC Stock

Avatar: The Way of Water is making a splash and AMC CEO Adam Aron is taking notice. Here's what AMC stock investors should know.

Carvana (CVNA) Stock Pops After Poison Pill Adoption

Carvana (CVNA) stock is climbing higher on Tuesday after the used-car retailer adopted a poison pill position to preserve its NOLs.