The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on Wefunder Right Now

best startups - The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on Wefunder Right Now

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Wefunder is an equity crowdfunding platform that lets you invest in startups in various categories, from virtual reality and hardware to movies, music and retail. Remember that investing in startups is risky, and it is advisable to not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Many startups are aiming at building the future of their industry; solving problems in business and our daily lives; or becoming true disruptors in their sectors. If you are interested in startups and small businesses, this list should give you some ideas of where to start.

Here are seven of the best startups you can invest in on Wefunder now:

  • Swell Watercraft
  • Lost Spirits
  • Envel
  • AccessVet
  • AnyFans
  • Learnie
  • Fetii

Best Startups on Wefunder: Swell Watercraft

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Swell Watercraft is transforming the small watercraft market by creating performance-oriented kayaks for people who want to enjoy time out on the water.

The company has built its reputation by providing key features in the kayak market, notably the most stable and fastest kayaks with a focus on ergonomics. And Swell Watercraft kayaks feature a unique drainage valve, and use a plastic material that is both lightweight and stiffer than other options, which makes the kayak shell “light yet indestructible.”

There is already traction, as the company has been awarded the top 10 Sit-on-Top Kayak for 2021 and is cash-flow positive. The revenue growth is estimated to reach a CAGR of 70% in the period 2022-2024, and gross margins are expected at 61%.

However, these financial projections are not guaranteed.

The kayaking equipment market is expected to grow by $105.37 million between 2021 and 2025 . The firm has its factory in South Africa but plans soon to start its production in the U.S. which will improve both the margins and margins and delivery times.

The minimum investment in Swell Watercraft on Wefunder is $100.

Lost Spirits

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Lost Spirits offers a unique entertainment experience while visitors enjoy fine spirits. The distillery offers a combination of show, science, art and (of course) tasting its products, mainly whiskey and rum.

Lost Spirits plan to reopen its Los Angeles distillery location, which will include among other things jazz clubs, shows from acrobats and other performers.

The company has a valuable patent on its spirits maturation technology and a remarkable entertainment trademark portfolio like “Gatsby,” “From the Earth to the Moon” and the classic “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”.

There are important plans like the reopening of the Los Angeles factory to start producing whisky. That will supply not only the local entertainment facility but the wholesale market too.

The firm has received $4.2 million in the form of institutional investments since 2021 and has big plans to go public within 24-36 months, subject to market conditions and other risk factors.

The minimum investment in Lost Spirits on Wefunder is $100.

Best Startups on Wefunder: Envel

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Envel is a new way of banking designed to help you with your finances and organize your money-spending needs and habits.

It all starts with creating Envelopes, which are intended for specific purposes like cash or bills. Then you link your card to your existing bank account or set up deposits via your workplace’s payroll to use budgeting and saving on autopilot. This should help avoid money anxiety and regrets about unnecessary spending.

The firm is calling its idea “banking for a new generation,” a generation of students, graduates, and professionals. The app is available on App Store and Google Play and intends to disrupt the banking services sector by helping people money in a better way.

It is easy to open and use up to 99 FDIC-insured banking and financial goal accounts, open shared accounts if you want, and perform instant peer-to-peer money transfers all with a user interface you can customize. Soon users will also have stocks and crypto trading services offered.

As of February 2022, Envel has nearly 33,000 users and has seen its user growth increasing rapidly. A notable upcoming feature is fractional investments, which allows to users buy stocks from their favorite brands.

The minimum investment in Envel on Wefunder is $100.


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AccessVet is about the future of pet care. It’s a telehealth company in the veterinary industry.

The company is addressing both the needs of animal care professionals and pet owners. Pet owners often have difficulty booking appointments with their vets. On the other hand, vets have more pets to take care of and a limited time.

AccessVet solves these problems by delivering complete telehealth services for pets, meaning speedy access for pet owners and more business for vets.

The firm offers its services at zero cost for animal health professionals and an $8.99 fee for pet owners for each consultation. Vets using the platform can communicate with customers and issue prescriptions using video, audio and text.

The veterinary telehealth industry is expected to witness significant growth — 19.5% per year for the period 2021-2028 — and AccessVet has seen its veterinary appointments increasing 6.5% in 2021.

The platform covers a wide variety of use cases, ranging from eye issues and flea allergies to dermatological problems and nutrition consulting.

The minimum investment in AccessVet on Wefunder is $250.

Best Startups on Wefunder: AnyFans

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AnyFans is a “multi-platform social media experience” building a community of like-minded individuals.

There’s no denying that social networks often lack positive content. AnyFans provides a solution to this problem by offering interest themes named “hangouts” that have hosts presenting content daily aimed at increasing interactivity.

AnyFans will launch in April 2022 and by summer the firm has plans to visit beaches and festivals to grow its user base.

The main goal is to reach one million users by the end of 2022 and then grow to 10 million users by the end of 2023, which are attainable numbers according to the platform based on the history of other social media platforms.

Several YouTube channels have already been launched as part of these goals, but in 2023 the plan is to transition off YouTube and onto the AnyFans streaming app. This new social media platform is embracing Web 3.0 and has a business plan that focuses on strong growth, acquiring daily active users and increasing downloads and time spent in-app, which are core pillars leading to profitability.

The minimum investment in AnyFans on Wefunder is $100.


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Learnie is a community microlearning platform with the bold mission to change the way we learn. The company believes that learning is broken in multiple ways. Training, for example, has low retention rates — about 80% of the global workforce is considered to be deskless and the cost of learning is not negligible in most cases.

The solution offered by Learnie is a mobile microlearning community platform to maximize engagement and the retention rate of knowledge. This on-demand content focuses on using critical thinking so that users get the most out of lessons and remember the information.

This community-generated content saves both time and money for organizations, as the best way to learn is from your peers. Learnie is free to use for individuals but offers a subscription-based enterprise version with more advanced features.

It’s targeting the U.S. market first, with a total addressable market of $60 billion. The firm estimates revenue of nearly $2.4 million in 2022 and $10.7 million in 2024.

There is also a strong social giving culture, as Learnie donates an Enterprise license to a nonprofit organization when the company sells to the Enterprise.

The minimum investment in Learnie on Wefunder  is $100.

Best Startups on Wefunder: Fetii

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Fetii is building a group rideshare platform, changing group transportation radically and reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, especially in urban environments.

Fetii does not own any of its vehicles, as these are provided by passenger service providers (PSPs) — companies that have existing fleets or partnerships with van rental agencies. These large-capacity vehicles are ideal for the efficient transportation of groups for events or companies moving their staff.

The platform uses technology to calculate the cost of the route based on parameters like the distance, demand and time of the day offering a competitive pricing advantage for on-demand booking for events.

The traction is present, with more than 250,000 passengers transported via more than 40,000 trips. It also has numerous corporate clients, like universities, and Delta Airlines (NYSE:DAL). 2021 was the first full year of operations and Fetii has reported an impressive 300% quarter-over-quarter revenue growth and more than a $3 million revenue run rate.

The total addressable market is $136.5 billion, consisting of the social rideshare market, the scheduled and charter event transportation and the smart commute market.

The minimum investment in Fetii on Wefunder is $250.

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