Equity Crowdfunding

The stock market isn’t the only way for everyday investors to tap into high-growth equity. In the past, only accredited investors could buy into privately traded companies, making a killing in the process. Thanks to the JOBS act, private investing in the form of equity crowdfunding is now open to investors of all backgrounds and skill levels. InvestorPlace seeks to be the first stop in your investment journey, providing educational research in all things investible.

5 Equity Crowdfunding Risks to Consider Before You Invest

Crowdfunding has democratized investing, giving everyone access to early-stage companies, real estate and fractional shares in assets like fine art. But don't rush in without understanding the risks.

Knightscope: Invest In a Different Kind of Cybersecurity

Knightscope is a developer of robots for security, such as for malls and parking lots. The company is also looking to raise $10.3 million for its growth plan.

LaneAxis Aims to Disrupt the Massive Trucking Industry

LaneAxis is the developer of a cloud-based platform to help bring efficiencies to the trucking industry, and it's currently raising capital via crowdfunding.

These Are Some of the Best Startups to Invest In on StartEngine

Currently, it has 88 investment opportunities on its platform. Here are what I believe are some of the best startups to invest in on StartEngine. 

Why Commerce.AI Could Be a Huge Winner for Equity Crowdfunding Investors

For equity crowdfunding investors, big data company Commerce.AI offers potentially explosive returns over the next decade.

Top 5 Equity Crowdfunding Sites

Traditionally, investing in startups has been mostly off-limits to retail investors. But this has changed because of crowdfunding. Here’s a look at the top five equity crowdfunding sites in the space.

How to Compound Your Investments in Equity Crowdfunding

Before you can start investing in equity crowdfunding, you have to get deal flow. You do that by finding a reputable platform that’s been in business for several years (at least three) and provides a reasonable number of opportunities each month or year, whether on a deal-by-deal basis or through a diversified portfolio.

Graze Is a High-Potential Automation Play for Private Investors

Graze is a high-risk, high-reward play on automation in the commercial landscaping world - upside potential is more than 1,000%.

Regulation Crowdfunding Changes Mean You Could Invest in the Next Amazon

Regulation Crowdfunding is getting a makeover, and retail investors will start to see more and better crowdfunding investment opportunities.

Searching for the Next Amazon: TerraCycle

What does TerraCycle do, what is Loop and should you invest? TerraCycle stock isn't public but you can invest via equity crowdfunding.

Should You Invest In Reg A+ Startups?

Equity crowdfunding allows everyone to invest in private companies for the first time in 80+ years. Here's what you should know about Reg A+ offerings.

Equity Crowdfunding Is the Future, But You Can’t Find the Next Amazon … Yet

Retail investors can now invest in startups thanks to equity crowdfunding, but the next Amazon or Google are still going to venture capitalists.

2 Private Companies to Buy Through Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding continues to make baby steps in the U.S. Here are two opportunities to consider outside the public-company realm.