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Equity Crowdfunding & Startups to Invest In Now

The stock market isn’t the only way for everyday investors to tap into high-growth equity. In the past, only accredited investors could buy into privately traded companies, making a killing in the process. Thanks to the JOBS act, private investing in the form of equity crowdfunding is now open to investors of all backgrounds and skill levels. InvestorPlace seeks to be the first stop in your investment journey, providing educational research in all things investible.

What Rhymes with Dot Com Bubble? Blockchain Trouble.

The vast majority of internet companies from the dot com bubble didn't survive, but some did. The same may happen with blockchain companies.

Invest in VirZOOM for a Piece of the Future of Fitness

Fitness buffs can use VirZOOM to “travel” the globe while working out. Digital fitness is coming, and VirZOOM could grab a big share of the market…

Technology Is Moving Fast – Should Your Investments?

People are buying and selling stocks faster and faster these days, but not everyone has the resources to make smart, rapid trades.

The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on StartEngine Right Now

From a social dance platform to a mobile brake car repair service, these are among the best startups on StartEngine today.

This Seemingly Boring Sector Could Yield Exciting Profits

You might not think shipping logistics are an exciting investment opportunity, but the money to be made in it should pique your interest.

Private Investing on a Budget

Private investing is mostly impervious to market fluctuations, but how can you get into the game on a budget?

Private Space Companies Like Orbital Assembly Poised to Take Off

The space market is set to rocket higher. Investing in Orbital Assembly Corp. gives you exposure to this growing market.

How the Metaverse and Web3 Will Enter Your Life (Spoiler — They Already Have)

To some, Web3 and the metaverse are trends that won't be realized until later on. However, they are already present in our current world.

The 7 Best Equity Crowdfunding Names to Buy on Republic Right Now

These are some of the best startups to invest in on equity crowdfunding platform Republic. Consider these names to diversify your portfolio.

Dot-Com Bubble Lessons Left to Learn in 2022

Despite the age of the message left by the dot-com bubble, it's something that investors should continue or start to think about today.

To Get in on Lithium Boom, Consider Investing in KMX Technologies

KMX Technologies is poised for success with their proprietary methods for extracting lithium, rare-earth elements and clean water.

Invest in FreightPal to Get In On Shipping Logistics Technology

FreightPal is poised for explosive growth in the next few years. Right now the company is taking reservations for it's next funding round.

How to Invest in the Next Unicorn Company

How can private investors find the next "unicorn company," aka the one that will eventually be valued at $1 billion? Here are some signs.

Web3 Opens Up Venture Capital

Who has access to private investment has shifted dramatically in recent years, and Web3 will continue to change what is possible.

The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy on StartEngine Right Now

From fine art to flying cars, these equity crowdfunding opportunities look like promising disruptors. Here are seven picks on StartEngine.

What Happens When Computers Start Programming Us?

Our ability to interface between a computer and our brains is expanding, and these companies are looking to be major players in that arena.

Quantum Computing Could Save the World. Here’s How It’s Already Happening.

The power of quantum computing drives a desperate need for quantum encryption. This megatrend is creating a multi-billion-dollar security market.

The Metaverse Is Coming, Whether You Like it or Not

The possibilities of the metaverse are vast, and a few companies have begun pioneering what our digital future will look like.

Can Elon Musk Save the Internet?

Internet infrastructure relies on undersea cable that is threatened by natural disasters and other causes. One solution is satellites.

Breakthrough Transplants Signal BIG Opportunity

We've achieved a breakthrough in transplants: successfully moving a body part from an animal to a human. Expect more like it on the horizon.