Equity Crowdfunding

The stock market isn’t the only way for everyday investors to tap into high-growth equity. In the past, only accredited investors could buy into privately traded companies, making a killing in the process. Thanks to the JOBS act, private investing in the form of equity crowdfunding is now open to investors of all backgrounds and skill levels. InvestorPlace seeks to be the first stop in your investment journey, providing educational research in all things investible.

3 Promising Video Game Investments to Consider With Fig

Investing in video games is now possible with Fig. But not all investments are created equal. Here are three that hold promise.

3 ‘Ground Floor’ Startup Investments on Netcapital

Thanks to the innovative platform of Netcapital, everyday folks have a chance to participate in private equity. Here are three startup investments to consider.

Backyard Soda Puts the Craft in Craft Cocktails 

If you’re into craft cocktails and CBD, you might invest in Backyard Soda, a business that brings the two together in search of profits.  

3 Startups to Invest In With Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder focuses on larger deals. And some of the most promising ways to invest in startups include opportunities in fintech and software.

Invest in TerraCycle Stock to Stem Our Waste Management Crisis

Waste management is at a tipping point. But you can invest in TerraCycle stock and be part of the solution, and potentially wildly profitable at the same time.

The Localstake Equity Crowdfunding Platform Seems Stuck in Neutral

Localstake is an Indianopolis-based equity crowdfunding platform that focuses on local investments, Here is my Localstake review.    

Leo AR by MojiLala: Looking to Democratize Augmented Reality

The company is striving to make this technology easier to use. You can also invest in Leo AR stock via a crowdfunding campaign.

7 Crowdfunding Investments to Revitalize Your Portfolio

With a new regulation put in place just a few short years ago, private investing has become democratized. Here are seven incredibly compelling crowdfunding opportunities to consider.

Invest in Choose Health Stock for At-Home Blood Tests

This startup is looking to promote wellness with its at-home kits. You can also invest in Choose Health stock via a crowdfunding campaign.

Invest in Borrow Stock for Electric Vehicle Subscriptions

Invest in Borrow stock because this disruptor is tackling the costs and complexities that prevent mass electric vehicle adoption.

Invest in Beanstox for Kevin O’Leary’s Robo-Advisor App

Follow in the footsteps of O'Leary with his robo-advisor app. To invest in Beanstox, check out the crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.

Robotic Lawnmower Startup Graze Is a Compelling Investment Opportunity

Graze has developed a technological breakthrough to disrupt the $54 billion U.S. commercial landscaping market.

5 Companies to Invest in on the Netcapital Crowdfunding Platform

Thanks to the power of technology, equity crowdfunding is rapidly growing in demand. Here are five companies to invest in that are offered on the Netcapital platform.

Invest in Legion M Stock and Disrupt Hollywood Forever

If you decide to invest in Legion M stock, you'll help democratize Hollywood by allowing stakeholders a voice in the creative and production process.

Invest in Ollie Gray Stock for the Growing Premium Maternity Wear Market

Invest in Ollie Gray stock via private investing if you want to cash in on the growth of the premium maternity wear market.

Read This Before You Decide Whether to Invest in FinTron

The company is building an app for brokerage and investing. You can also invest in FintRton through an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Invest in Fluz App to Get MLM Fun Without the Sleaze

With people purchasing more through their smart phones, now may be the best time to invest in Fluz App and profit off a new way of doing cash-back rewards.

Invest in Levered Learning Stock and Make America Smart Again

With the U.S. spending more on its students yet receiving poor academic outcomes, we need a change. When you invest in Levered Learning stock, you may help be a catalyst for a much-needed overhaul.

Invest in At Your Home Stock for an Under-the-Radar Opportunity

With tech-centric names dominating the equity crowdfunding space, not enough interest supported the case to invest in At Your Home stock. However, people may want to reconsider if another or similar opportunity pops up.

Invest in Millennial Fertility Stock to Make Pregnancy Accessible

Traditional fertility treatments are super expensive and hard to access. Invest in Millennial Fertility stock to make pregnancy accessible.