The 7 Best Startups to Buy on StartEngine Before They Disappear

startups - The 7 Best Startups to Buy on StartEngine Before They Disappear

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Investing in startups has several advantages. First, it can offer more investment ideas and opportunities. Second, you do not have to invest a lot of funds in order to get in. And third, there is a lot of potential for growth and profits.

Of course, there are many risks about investing in startups as well, such as the potential for business failure, and not being able to achieve strategic goals on time, which could dampen the growth plans.

But as I have mentioned before, startups have the potential to become future business leaders in their sectors and industries In the list below, you can find seven promising ideas for startup investing on the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine (OTCMKTS:STGC).

The criteria I focused on for this list today is startups whose equity crowdfunding campaigns on the platform are going to end within a few weeks.

  • GroGuru
  • CycleBoard, Inc.
  • Petzbe
  • NoBaked Cookie Dough
  • SoloQi
  • Jetson
  • Alelo

Best Startups on StartEngine: GroGuru

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Water is vital for most living things, and GroGuru’s software helps people manage their usage of this resource.  This should help with the biggest problem in the agriculture industry — irrigation.

This software helps farmers stop wasting water while increasing their output. GroGuru is also a solution to sustainable crop monitoring, providing strategic irrigation management.

GroGuru’s wireless underground system has a five-year battery life that makes it easy to use, as it connects with other data sources in the cloud and analyzes information in real-time with a simple-to-use interface to determine how much exactly farmers need to irrigate.

So in sum, GroGuru’s advantages are that is a cost-effective, scalable system that can increase crop yield and is also labor-saving, as it does not require annual replacement.

GroGuru has a valuation of  $14.7 million and the minimum investment for this sustainable farming solution is $249.92.

CycleBoard, Inc

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CycleBoard is a designer, developer, and manufacturer of light personal electric three-wheeled vehicles, using  patented steering technology with an emphasis on making electric vehicles that are “fun, functional and easy to ride.” After all, if you cannot safely and easily use an electric scooter like this, the business opportunity looks pretty small.

Some of the reasons to invest in CycleBoard are the 110% sales growth from 2019 to 2020 and total sales over $4,900,000. The company also holds three patents.

The electric scooter market was worth $18.6 billion in 2019 and is projected to rise to $41.98 billion by 2030.

The company saw and solved a current problem with existing light personal electric vehicles — it can be too easy to fall. They addressed this by providing a patented lean-to-steer technology with a stability bar, dual front wheels and a single rear wheel, to improve stability and safety. Items can also be carried on the front safely.

CycleBoard has a $12 million valuation and the minimum investment is $290.80.

Best Startups on StartEngine: Petzbe

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Petzbe is all about social media for your pets — a place to share the animal’s experiences and thoughts, the way their owners might on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) or Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Soon, Petzbe hopes to also add in-app virtual treats users can earn for doing certain in-app actions. Those treats can be converted into discounts on pet products and services.

But you may be asking, what’s the purpose? Social media today can be considered “exhausting, even toxic” to a certain degree. Petzbe’s goal is to create a community where everything is all about the animals instead of the drama.

After all, two sectors seeing big gains in recent years are pet care and mobile apps. And Petzbe has already gained traction, as it has more than 450,000 users already.

This social media platform has several existing and planned revenue streams, including Petzbe products, in-app purchases, a reward system, and a mobile app game. And only 2% of current users are on Android users, which could present an opportunity for growth.

Petzbe, a community for pet lovers, has a valuation of $14.3 million, and the minimum investment to be part of it is $195.60.

NoBaked Cookie Dough

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NoBaked Cookie Dough makes a cookie dough which can be baked into actual cookies or eaten raw, whichever the consumer prefers. It has booming online sales, as it has a successful online store and also sells its goods through (NASDAQ:AMZN) and (NYSE:WMT).

There are many reasons to believe in this company. First of all, in 2020, NoBaked had sales of $1.75 million, of which 66% filtered through eCommerce sources. Further, those online sales grew 1,534% yoy. The online sales seem to add a dynamic revenue pattern to the company. After all, “within one month of launching on, NoBaked became the #1 Best Seller in the Refrigerated Doughs category.”

While cookies are beloved by many, a large number of people also enjoy eating cookie dough. For those people, NoBaked Cookie Dough solves the problem of most doughs being either unsafe or unpleasant to eat.

And there are multiple flavors, with dairy-free and gluten-free options available. The refrigerated cookie/brownie dough segment, which NoBaked Cookie Dough targets, increased by 9.3% to $571.8 million, during the 52-week period that ended April 19, 2020. So it seems there is growth already in this promising market.

NoBaked Cookie Dough has a $9 million valuation and the minimum investment is $250.

Best Startups on StartEngine: SoloQi

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SoloQi is a tech company that is transforming wireless charging. It offers “practical wireless solutions that are convenient, portable, universal, stylish,” to give its users an impressive experience.

The problem the company hopes to address is outdated charging solutions for mobile phones.

SoloQi is a charging ecosystem that lets you use your phone without worrying about the need to charge it. Charging is happening smoothly and continuously, to keep you both fully charged and connected.

What about traction? Since its launch on Nov. 1, 2019, SoloQi took its place as a bestseller in b8ta stores, which are focused on innovative tech. nationwide. It only took the company four months to rack up $117,000 in sales, and the company had set its eyes on international expansion, with Japan, Europe, and Australia on tap.

And the market it operates in is expected to grow fast in the future.

The Wireless Charging Market has already grown to over $11 billion, and is expected to grow to a $30 billion market by 2026.

SoloQi has a $7 million valuation and the minimum investment is $250.


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Jetson is a technology company that helps businesses offer voice-first commerce technology to their customers, creating an online marketplace for their products. Within minutes businesses can make their voice-first marketplace that offers opportunities for sales and growth, plus automating tasks that were made by humans. That means businesses using this tech can save money and time.

Voice technology is used daily by many people to make their lives easier. And Jetson is an online marketplace that works with voice-activated assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Home, to make online shopping easier.

Reasons to invest? For starters, global digital commerce sales are forecast to be around $6 trillion by 2022. The voice commerce slice should surpass $80 billion by 2023. As of November 2020, Jetson’s marketplace boasted 13,000 merchants and more than 1.46 million products.

It seems that voice could well be the new interface for online shopping.

Jetson has a $20 million valuation and the minimum investment is $250.

Best Startups on StartEngine: Alelo

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Alelo is offering artificial intelligence avatar-based training and wants to transform the education and training market as we know it.

Alelo used to offer its AI avatar-based simulation training first only to government and academic applications but now it is expanding to corporate training and skilling and remote learnings could well be a new trend due to the Covid-19.

The Covid-19 pandemic offers an opportunity for Alelo, as there is increased demand for effective online learning. Alele offers quality online learning at a fraction of the cost.

The problem solved by Alelo is that current learning methods cannot meet the demand for the education and training market. But what if every learner had an avatar-based teaching assistant or trainer that would engage in real dialogue and provide personalized instruction?

This is what in essence Alelo offers.

The company has patented AI training and education products, ENSKILL® HR for Enterprise training & skilling, and ENSKILL® ED for online education. And the company pursues three markets, the market for corporate AI-based training and skilling, academic AI-based training, and government AI-based training.

Alelo has a $10.5 million valuation and the minimum investment is $276.

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