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The 7 Best Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns on Republic Right Now

equity crowdfunding - The 7 Best Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns on Republic Right Now

Source: Pavel3d/ShutterStock.com

Republic is one of the top online equity crowdfunding platforms that provides investment opportunities in startups, video games, real estate and crypto.

Since 2016, this company has facilitated more than $700 million in funding for startups, having more than 1.5 million investors on the platform with more than 600 funded deals.

A typical investment in a startup may start from a minimum investment of $100. With a plethora of startups to invest in, all deals are evaluated by the investment team on Republic, but as always, further due diligence and fully understanding the risks in startup investing are highly recommended. Startups may offer great returns, but they are riskier investments than other assets such as publicly traded stocks. This is because they lack an established history and financial performance.

Here are seven equity crowdfunding campaigns that have gained a lot of traction lately:

  • Inside.com
  • Fig Portfolio Shares
  • Realm Metaverse Real Estate
  • Congreso Park
  • Oonee
  • SoMee
  • True Made Foods

Equity Crowdfunding on Republic: Inside.com

A photograph of a pair of reading glasses placed next to a book on a table.

Source: Ko Backpacko / Shutterstock.com

Every day, business trends are becoming more complex as more news and information emerges. There is an enormous amount of data to be aware of, analyze and evaluate.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, because it’s hard to find the next big thing. Inside.com makes it easier by creating an entrepreneurial community. It is a social network with 14 newsletters where you can meet new colleagues and participate in virtual events related to making your business thrive.

Inside.com addresses several business challenges, provides access to new opportunities and helps answer questions relevant to entrepreneurs. Its newsletters are read by billionaire Mark Cuban and thousands of subscribers working at big tech companies.

The average quarter-over-quarter growth in the last year has been 28%. 2020 revenue was more than $1.8 million. The company has been profitable for the past six months.

The company generates revenue from advertising and monthly reader subscriptions. By offering newsletters, events and an active business community, Inside.com gives access to the latest business trends and opportunities.

The minimum investment in Inside.com on Republic is $100.

Fig Portfolio Shares

Image of two boys playing video games

Source: Shutterstock

Playing video games is fun and a popular way to reduce stress and relax after a hard day at work. Investing in video games to generate attractive returns is maybe even a better idea.

Fig is the No. 1 game funding and publishing platform with a track history that shows that investing in games can be profitable and an interesting alternative investment opportunity.

Fig has paid more than $6 million to its investors with remarkable returns as high as 300% for the past years of 2017-2019. The company projects that the video game market will grow to $300 billion by 2025.

Fig Portfolio has a diversified approach to publishing with at least 10 portfolio products, game and game console projects seeking to deliver high returns of two to three times in five years. The fund is expected to be deployed within 12-24 months of its formation, and investors will collect dividends twice a year from the gross sales of games released and commercialized through the fund.

Investors may be entitled to receive additional revenue from NFTs developed for these games by both new and established studios. Past games funded by Fig have been a big success by winning major awards.

The minimum investment in Fig Portfolio Shares on Republic is $1,000.

Equity Crowdfunding on Republic: Realm Metaverse Real Estate

A concept image of the metaverse with two young adults wearing virtual reality headsets.

Source: Shutterstock

Realm Metaverse Real Estate describes the metaverse as an “alternate digital reality where people socialize, work, play, and transact.” Realm is all about investing in the metaverse. It brings diversification, which is important in all types of investments. The company will invest in a diversified portfolio of digital real estate NFTs in not just one but several metaverses.

These digital assets will be kept for the long-term targeting capital appreciation. There will be development in areas such as in-metaverse games, events spaces and speculative developments. Emphasis will be given to strategic partnerships to generate recurring revenue from the games.

The prospects for the metaverse business opportunity are bright. Notably, Realm’s return on invested capital since its inception is 145.26%.

The minimum investment in Realm Metaverse Real Estate on Republic is $1,000.

Congreso Park

picture of the interior of an apartment

Source: Shutterstock

Congreso Park is an apartment complex located in Mexico City. You’ve probably heard that the most important things when it comes to real estate are location, location, location.

This brand new condominium building is located in the heart of Mexico City near the main square. The company plans to buy up to seven units. Each unit is a 2-bed, 1-bath condominium.

It is estimated that the pre-sale price offers an attractive 20% discount from the current market, and the plans are to sell the units bringing an attractive total return of 15.6% after 18 months. This estimate of total return includes dividends from operations and the capital appreciation component.

Mexico City is not just the capital and the largest city in Mexico but also a very important financial and business center. On top, of that Mexico has the second largest economy in Latin America.

The minimum investment in Congreso Park on Republic is $200.

Equity Crowdfunding on Republic: Oonee

A photo of a person in shorts and a flannel shirt riding a bicycle in an urban environment.

Source: Chetty Thomas / Shutterstock.com

One of the biggest problems when using a bike or a scooter in urban environments is secure parking, especially at night. Oonee addresses this problem by providing a solution to owners of bikes and scooters.

Oonee is making smart stations that offer secure parking for bikes and scooters. These stations also offer additional services such as servicing, charging, sales and rentals. The stations come in three sizes and Oonee has developed an app to help riders get connected to the network and access any location.

The company has generated more than $248,000 in revenue in 2021 with two stations with big plans to install 40 stations in New York.

The business model generates revenue from three sources: advertising on the parking infrastructures, sponsorship and the e-commerce and service platform. The market of personal micro-mobility is both large and expanding fast, which in New York may be partly attributed to Covid-19, as people avoid mass transportation and turn to other safe and alternative ways to travel.

The minimum investment in Oonee on Republic is $150.


hands holding smartphone with social media icons floating above it. brick wall background.

Source: Shutterstock

Social media has created a proven business model for influencers making a comfortable or even a luxurious lifestyle by posting content and gaining fame. Somee is a social media platform that pays users to become social that monetizes content and likes.

The big differences that make SoMee a unique social media platform is that it is based on blockchain technology, and users earn money depending on the value of the token.

An algorithm tracks voting power, which is essential to increasing earnings over time. At the same time, this voting power is the real for users to become more social and receive better earnings.

SoMee has 50,000 active users and expects a massive 5 million users by the end of 2022. Advertising revenue of $3 million is also expected during 2022.

The business model will generate revenue from Power Up packages, a membership fee in the platform’s AdShare program and identity verification fees.

The minimum investment in SoMee on Republic is $100.

Equity Crowdfunding on Republic: True Made Foods

A photo of ketchup being squeezed out of a bottle onto a reflective black surface.

Source: showcake / Shutterstock.com

If you love sauces like ketchup and BBQ sauce then you should know that most of them have sugar, which is not too healthy, especially if you consume large quantities of these condiments often.

True Made Foods is a healthy solution to these condiments made from real ingredients like fruits and veggies and with reduced (or no) sugar. A line of ketchups, regional style BBQ sauces, mustards and hot sauces that do not include any artificial ingredients or sweeteners makes True Made Foods deliver value by keeping the flavor and cutting the harmful sugar.

The company’s products are available in more than 5,000 stores in the U.S. market and made more than $2 million of revenue in 2020 achieving 120% year-over-year growth.

What about the business model? It is based on consumer packaged goods (CPG) with distributors and direct sales to larger chains, online sales and contracts, including a contract to become the official ketchup of the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

The global condiment market targeted is large at $30 billion, and True Made Foods has plans to expand in other categories by building its brand name first.

The minimum investment in True Made Foods on Republic is $150.

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