The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy Right Now

  • Here are seven of the best startups you can buy now on popular equity crowdfunding platforms.
  • LookFirst: Discover New York with top recommendations from other users.
  • Sonatafy Technology: Makes software development outsourcing a simple process.
  • Hold The Magic: Rewriting the tooth fairy tradition of giving tiny gifts to children when they lose a tooth.
  • Modern Picnic: Stylish lunchboxes for women at work.
  • Capsule Social: A Web3 platform for writers to monetize their content.
  • Oncolyze: A biotech company aiming to treat cancer.
  • Vennly: A platform for enterprises to create and share secure audio.
best startups - The 7 Best Startups You Can Buy Right Now

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Here seven of the best startups you can invest in on several different equity crowdfunding platforms. It’s important to look at investment opportunities on more than just one equity crowdfunding platform; you get a broader pool of startups to evaluate. With any startup, your goal is to analyze its business plan, and invest in its plan to disrupt its business sector and industry.

It’s also important to choose startups from a wide assortment of businesses; do not place all your money in just one sector. You may miss other important investment opportunities doing so.

These seven startups in this article are in a variety of industries and sectors. As always, you should do further due diligence on all these companies. Let’s dive into these startups now.


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LookFirst helps people explore New York by offering fun things to do, highlighting recommendations from locals. Being a tourist in any major city like New York can be stressful when you have limited time. What things to do, which places to visit to enjoy the best experiences during traveling?

LookFirst helps users explore the city that never sleeps with helpful tips that can help them get the best value for their budget. This app highlights inspirations from other people with similar interests.

LookFirst mixes visuals and text, which the company says helps it overcome limitations of other platforms. The company is initially focused on Asian restaurants, with plans to expand its reach.

The minimum investment in LookFirst on Wefunder is $100.

Sonatafy Technology

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There is a big problem in the software industry: Finding talented developers is costly, and outsourcing can create a lot of scheduling problems.

Sonatafy Technology addresses this problem by providing talented and lower-cost developers in Latin America. These developers work in the same range of time zones as U.S. clients, known as nearshoring. Real-time support is highly critical today.

The company expects to have a revenue in the range of $6 million to $8 million in 2022. Notably, Sonatafy Technology already has a $33 million opportunities pipeline.

The traction is present with a 200%-plus year-over-year revenue growth from 2020 to 2021 and recurring monthly revenue of more than $500,000.

The minimum investment in Sonatafy Technology on Wefunder is $500.

Hold The Magic

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It is estimated that in the U.S., kids lose 664 million teeth between the ages of five to 12. This is a huge number, and children love having memorable experiences when they lose their teeth. People usually just put cash under the pillow for their kids when they lose a tooth, but what if there was a better way to experience the tooth fairy tradition?

Hold The Magic wants to disrupt the $3.48 billion Tooth Fairy market by offering tooth fairy gift sets that come with themes to match kids’ interests. Each set has a beautiful gold bag that is filled with toys and a story from the child’s tooth fairy so as to create imagination and provide positive lessons.

Kids get a memorable gift when they lose a tooth and get educational and entertaining content, which is ideal for busy parents today.

The company has sold more than 8,000 gift sets to over 2,700 customers and the average order value is $69.

The minimum investment in Hold The Magic on Republic is $100.

Modern Picnic

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Why carry your lunch in a boring and uninspired bag when you can have a lunchbox that’s like no other?

Modern Picnic makes stylish and practical lunch boxes for women. They look like elegant bags, but they are designed around food storage. Modern women have demanding lives, and the traditional lunchbox is limited.

Modern Picnic makes stylish, insulated, vegan leather lunchboxes for women that come in various sizes and designs.

The firm has already generated more than $3 million in cumulative gross revenue from 15,000 units sold and has strategic brand partnerships. The business model generates sales via e-commerce, wholesale and retail channels.

The minimum investment in Modern Picnic on Republic is $150.

Capsule Social

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Being a writer means you are a part of the content economy. There are major challenges involved for writers with current technology.

Capsule Social’s Blogchain platform addresses the problems of freedom of expression and privacy. It is a decentralized blogging platform that allows users to avoid risks like takedowns and censorship.

Writers can focus on what matters: Creating, publishing and monetizing their work. The platform uses Web3 technologies and there are plans to allow users to share the software on an open source basis.

The company is targeting writers, readers and hosts — the plan is to allow anyone to host a Blogchain node.

The business model has multiple revenue streams, including revenue sharing, premium features, and licensed content. The firm is considering creating a token-based governance and rewards experience.

The minimum investment in Capsule Social on Republic is $150.


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Oncolyze is a biotech company that aims at treating cancer focusing on exploding cancer cells. It is estimated that cancer kills 10 million people worldwide each year. One of the deadliest forms of cancer is acute myelogenous leukemia (AML). People who suffer from this type of blood cancer have only a 25% survival rate five years after the diagnosis.

Oncolyze’s anti-cancer drug targets cell surface protein in cancer cells. This drug has two main components. First, the targeting segment finds the cell surface protein that is unique to cancer cells, The second segment pokes holes in the surface of cancer cells, killing them.

Oncozyme is focusing on AML first, but its drug could be used to fight other types of cancer.

The minimum investment in Oncolyze on SeedInvest is $1,000.


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Vennly is an integrated audio platform for enterprises to manage, share and analyze content. During the pandemic, businesses turned to audio as a key communication tool. Remote work, a growing trend that will not go away, has accelerated the use of audio.

Audio has many problems, including privacy, security and analytics. It can be difficult for users, and measuring return on investment is challenging. Vennly solves all these problems.

Vennly integrates audio into popular communications channels like Slack, Sharepoint, Notion and Asana. This allows businesses to share updates and communicate and collaborate more effectively.

The minimum investment in Vennly on SeedInvest is $998.

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