3 Must-Buy Cryptos if You Have $500 or Less to Spend

  • If you only have $500 to generate big-time returns, the following three must-buy cryptos might be for you.
  • r/Cryptocurrency Moons (XMOON-USD): This token can stay relevant despite its small size due to Reddit’s cryptocurrency subreddit.
  • Filecoin (FIL-USD): A data storage project, this token’s use cases cover a wide variety of industries.
  • Loopring (LRC-USD): Decentralized exchanges are only going to get more popular as their centralized counterparts collapse.
Must-Buy Cryptos - 3 Must-Buy Cryptos if You Have $500 or Less to Spend

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Those looking for must-buy cryptos to own at a cost of $500 or less are often after higher-risk, higher-reward cryptos. Indeed, $500 is a small amount of money to invest to garner significant returns. Thus, it’s clear that most major cryptos aren’t going to be the target of such enterprising investors. Indeed, those with more money to invest are probably better off sticking with larger cryptos.

Almost everyone investing in crypto knows about Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and Ethereum (ETH-USD), but many don’t invest in these tokens simply because they’re in search of more upside. Of course, more upside means more volatility, which can go both ways. Since historical performance is no indication of future performance, no one can guarantee that many of these altcoins will continue to new all-time highs. Thus, for those aware of the risks, these three under-the-radar cryptos that could be worth small positions for big potential returns long-term.

XMOON-USD r/Cryptocurrency Moons $0.09758
FIL-USD Filecoin
LRC-USD Loopring $0.249

r/Cryptocurrency Moons (XMOON-USD)

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r/Cryptocurrency Moons (XMOON-USD) is the native community token of the cryptocurrency subreddit. Reddit is among the largest social media platforms worldwide, with plans for an initial public offering (or IPO), and currently has 52 million daily active users. The cryptocurrency subreddit has 5.9 million members.

The xMoon project lacks any utility value, as it is only used as an asset to reward subreddit contributors. However, the project’s market capitalization is quite small when compared to the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit’s potential and influence. I believe when the next crypto bull market forms, and this subreddit surges in activity, many major exchanges could list xMOON and boost its value.

The project also recently launched its mainnet. As a result, xMOON is much more decentralized than before, further encouraging exchanges to list this more speculative token.

Filecoin (FIL-USD)

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Filecoin (FIL-USD) is a blockchain-based network for decentralized data storage, where data is stored on servers owned by users and managed by a set of decentralized agents. Filecoin’s native token, FIL, provides a financial incentive for the storage of data on the network. The ICO for Filecoin was one of the most successful token sales ever, generating $257 million in funding.

Given that the network targets data storage, the token’s use cases cover a wide range of industries. That makes this project an interesting crypto investment opportunity.

Year-to-date, FIL is down by 87%, but I expect the hype surrounding this crypto to pick up as the demand for cloud storage continues to increase dramatically over time. Blockchain storage has yet to become popular, but if it does ever go mainstream, Filecoin will certainly see more significant price appreciation.

Of course, that’s a risky bet. There’s no guarantee that blockchain-based cloud storage will become popular, even though it is less costly than major cloud storage platforms. But with $500 or less, FIL is definitely among the must-buy cryptos providing multibagger potential right now.

Loopring (LRC-USD)

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Last on this list of must-buy cryptos is Loopring (LRC-USD), an open-source, decentralized protocol used by decentralized exchanges and trading outfits. The protocol aims to increase liquidity in the crypto market by creating a decentralized network that allows users to trade any blockchain token through any other blockchain-based exchange. Loopring’s open-source code allows third-party developers to build decentralized exchanges that can plug into the protocol, creating a decentralized network across multiple blockchains. After a successful ICO in 2017 that raised $45 million, Loopring has been gaining attention from crypto investors.

Loopring’s token, LRC, is currently trading at nearly 25 cents per token. Although its price has dropped significantly since hitting an all-time high of $3.83 in November last year, many investors see potential in Loopring as decentralized exchanges become more popular. That’s because centralized exchanges, such as FTX (which has collapsed), have done a fantastic job of losing investor money. For those looking to keep their crypto stored on the blockchain, Loopring’s technology is certainly enticing as a long-term investment prospect.

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