Crypto Cash-Out: 3 High-Flying Cryptocurrencies to Sell Now and Reinvest Elsewhere


  • These cryptocurrencies to sell outperform when times are good, but the inverse is also true.
  • Dogecoin (DOGE-USD): Recent price movements, particularly between mid-August and early October this year, raised concerns. 
  • Terra Luna (LUNA-USD): The previous algorithmic stablecoin is a shadow of its former self.
  • Dogelon Mars (ELON-USD): This token has outshined in the meme token world, but still isn’t a buy.
cryptocurrencies to sell - Crypto Cash-Out: 3 High-Flying Cryptocurrencies to Sell Now and Reinvest Elsewhere

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Strategic decision-making is the key to capitalizing on market opportunities in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. As the crypto sphere continues to evolve, investors find themselves at a crossroads, pondering when to seize profits from high-performing assets and which cryptocurrencies to sell and strategically reinvest elsewhere. 

Savvy investors navigate the volatile crypto market by identifying sell-worthy cryptos amid hype-driven rallies. Altcoins and meme coins often lack real-world value, raising long-term concerns. Although traders can profit from surges, long-term investors face risks, especially with inflated valuations and “pump and dump” schemes. That said, here are three high-flying cryptocurrencies to sell.

Dogecoin (DOGE-USD)

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Dogecoin (DOGE-USD) undergoes market volatility, creating uncertainty post-correction. While new exchange listings excite users, concerns about their investment viability emerge. Selling Dogecoin after a price rise enables profit. Despite being one of the oldest altcoins since December 2013, Dogecoin maintains popularity for its unique branding and affordability, making it a favored option among crypto traders.

However, DOGE only surges when there is hype. DOGE is valued at 7.5 cents, reflecting a recent 6% gain and a 9% surge in the past weeks. However, an RSI of 71.1 indicates overbought conditions, and the 7.5-cent level serves as a crucial support/resistance line. With a “mostly neutral” sentiment per TipRanks, caution is advised as some indicators suggest potential upside, but low large transactions and net network growth hint at subdued activity compared to historical norms. Investors might consider a wait-and-see approach.

Terra Luna (LUNA-USD)

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Terra Luna (LUNA-USD), once a prominent blockchain project in the 2021 bull market, suffered a significant collapse in 2022, wiping out over $40 billion from the market. The Terra protocol, centered around stablecoins UST and LUNA, aimed for innovation but faced skepticism due to the unconventional backing of UST with the volatile asset LUNA. The aftermath of Terra Luna’s downfall contributed to industry distress.

Analysts remain cautious about LUNA’s long-term prospects even in a favorable market. Many analysts tend to doubt LUNA’s ability to outperform competitors like Ethereum’s ETH and Solana’s SOL throughout the next bull cycle, emphasizing the significance of inherent strengths in sustaining momentum.

Investors are advised to avoid the second Terra Luna, as it lacks a long-term strategy to enhance network utility. Currently priced at $0.788729, Luna will decline more in the following years. The absence of a stablecoin diminishes its distinctiveness among other proof-of-stake blockchains, posing a potential further decline.

Dogelon Mars (ELON-USD)

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Dogelon Mars (ELON-USD) faced criticism for lacking a clear purpose, raising questions about its value proposition. Like numerous meme tokens, it failed to distinguish itself and lacked practical utility, especially as an interplanetary currency, with limited usability observed.

The name “Dogelon Mars” contributed to its challenges. Cryptocurrencies with humorous names may see initial success but often fade due to a lack of credibility. Dogelon Mars, sounding like a blend of 2021 crypto buzzwords, struggled as a meme token without substantial utility. Investors are cautioned to explore cryptocurrencies addressing real-world issues for more promising investments.

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