3 Cryptos to Buy on the Dip: February 2024


  • Whenever you have the opportunity to buy any of these three cryptocurrencies, you should take advantage of it.
  • Solana (SOL-USD): Focuses on decentralized finance.
  • Verasity (VRA-USD): Its main objective is to combat online advertising fraud.
  • Arbitrum (ARB-USD): Allows for much faster transactions at a lower cost.
cryptos to buy the dip - 3 Cryptos to Buy on the Dip: February 2024

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There are cryptocurrency projects are so good and promising that every time an opportunity to invest in them presents itself, we should do so. Just as we wait for Bitcoin (BTC-USD) to drop a little in price so we can buy more and more, so we should do the same with these projects. They offer incredible and innovative solutions, besides allowing us to diversify our portfolio in different projects with different functionalities. Here are three cryptos to buy on dip that you should consider adding to your portfolio.

Solana (SOL-USD)

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Let’s start this list with one of my favorite cryptocurrencies, we are talking about Solana (SOL-USD), who since its inception has had a great focus and has constantly worked on scalability and efficiency.

Solana’s protocol is unique, practically merging a historical proof-of-stake consensus with a proof-of-stake one, which is undoubtedly completely appealing not only to cryptocurrency lovers, but also to investors, including financial institutions.

Among their most recent moves is their solution to an outage suffered by their Mainnet Beta, which was resolved quickly and efficiently thanks to their amazing engineers.

Thanks to this event, the community and the engineers highlighted the great importance of collaborating with each other to keep working continuously on ecosystem improvements.

As part of those improvements we have the update to the Solana validator client version 1.17, which includes improvements such as the activation of the ZK Token program for confidential transfers. Improvements have been included in message propagation, as well as network performance optimization.

The latest enhancements and the major commitment of this project are focused on the stability, scalability and security of the platform.

Verasity (VRA-USD)

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Next up is Verasity (VRA-USD), which is a fully specialized project designed to address the challenges of online ad fraud while rewarding users for their time and attention when watching video content.

One of the great attributes that makes this project stand out is its innovative approach, which uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain to create a more transparent and effective advertising ecosystem.

Through these tools and Verasity’s innovative processes, it allows advertisers to protect their investments while ensuring that their ads reach the audience they want and avoid being delivered to bots.

This project is very versatile, since in addition to specializing in what we mentioned above, it also offers payment solutions and a participation system in which it offers very attractive returns to its investors.

It has a payment platform called VeraWallet and other incredible tools such as VeraCard and VeraPay.

Arbitrum (ARB-USD)

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And to conclude the list, we have Arbitrum (ARB-USD), which works practically as an additional layer built on top of Ethereum, acting as its turbo, which allows it to accelerate so that it works much faster and cheaper.

Arbitrum can handle more transactions at a much, much lower cost, this is thanks to optimistic rollups, which are responsible for relieving the workload of Ethereum’s main Ethereum network, thus allowing operations to be faster and less expensive.

Investors who own ARBs can participate in voting for ecosystem governance. Thanks to Offchain Labs, who is a decentralized autonomous organization, the project is becoming much more community-based.

As if all the above were not enough, Arbitrum’s Odyssey, Reignited, adds more value to the ecosystem and an entertaining touch, since it is practically a virtual adventure.

People who participate in it, have the opportunity to explore different projects within the Arbitrum ecosystem, through a very peculiar way, completing quests and collecting custom badges along the way.

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