“40 Years’ Worth of Gains” in Just Months


Get ready for “AI Applier” stocks to shine … tonight’s live event with Eric Fry … gold hits a fresh all-time high … where it goes next … Bitcoin jumps, but will it last?

A big-picture view of the stock market resembles my efforts to jog around a track…

There are periods of sustained forward progress followed by stretches of standing still (or reeling backwards) while gasping and regrouping.

Chart showing the S&P climbing in a mostly stair-step pattern
Source: StockCharts.com

While this “two steps forward, one step back” pattern is a good reminder of the critical importance of patience when the market is sucking wind, there’s another takeaway…

It’s far more fun, and profitable, to catch the market, or a sector, when it’s in an established uptrend.

Today, our macro expert Eric Fry believes we’ve just begun a new uptrend for a subset of the broader AI sector – what he calls the “AI appliers.”

From Eric:

[These are the companies] employing AI technology within their own products and services.

AI appliers are everywhere… and growing by the day.

That universe includes companies as diverse as beauty-products purveyor Coty Inc. (COTY), gold and copper explorer, Ivanhoe Electric Inc. (IE), industrial-solutions provider Rockwell Automation Inc. (ROK), and sports technology company Genius Sports Ltd (GENI).

Clearly, many of these companies operate in niches that are normally not associated with technology. So, they are still lying low… under the radar – but they and many others are ready to explode with the next phase of the AI boom.

Now, among the broad number of AI appliers, there’s one sector that stands above the rest. Eric believes it’s beginning an acceleration phase for its operational profitability and market performance thanks to AI.

Digging even deeper, within this sector is one company that’s using a new application of AI to revolutionize a $13.1 trillion industry. Eric is confident it will become the next $1 trillion stock.

Tonight at 7 PM Eastern, Eric is holding a live event (click here for one-click registration) that pulls back the curtain on this opportunity. The discussion will include a specific way to invest that can frontload your returns.

Here’s Eric:

Tonight, we’ll talk about a strategy we can use to get 40 years of gains out of this stock in a matter of months.

Plus, I’m going to have a free pick for you during the event. It’s an AI stock that operates in this promising niche. I believe it could double your money in the coming months

To instantly reserve your seat for tonight’s free event, click here. I’ll add that over Eric’s multi-decade career, he’s recommended 41 different investments that went on to return more than 1,000%. So, when he’s this bullish on a single stock, it catches our attention.

Meanwhile, another investment that Eric urged investors to buy many months ago just hit an all-time high

Yesterday, gold touched a record high as investors re-up their bets on interest rate cuts from the Federal Reserve later this year.

Here’s CNBC with more:

Data showed that U.S. consumer prices increased less than expected in April, suggesting that inflation resumed its downward trend, boosting expectations for a September interest rate cut.

Lower rates reduce the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding bullion, which also benefits from uncertainty in the market.

Below, we look at gold’s performance on the year. You’ll see it has just edged out its all-time high set in April.

Chart showing gold hitting an all-time high on 5.20.24
Source: StockCharts.com

But will this new record level act as a ceiling that caps prior returns or a launch pad that propels fresh gains?

Let’s go to Eric:

The yellow metal probably has a lot further to run.

You see, even though gold has nothing to do with AI, it has everything to do with the seismic monetary and geopolitical phenomena that are gurgling beneath the surface of the global financial markets.

To put it bluntly, both the Middle East and the U.S. dollar are sitting on a razor’s edge. But even if conditions in the Middle East were as placid as a still pond, the dollar’s precarious strength provides plenty of reason to buy a few ounces of gold. At least that’s what recent central bank activity seems to indicate.

Eric points to data from the World Gold Council, showing that global central banks have just set a new first-quarter record for buying gold. They purchased 290 tonnes of the yellow metal, which was the heaviest buying pressure of any year on record.

But Eric is bullish on gold for another reason – one that we profile regularly here in the Digest

 The increasingly toxic condition of our national debt and fiscal deficit.

One angle on this is the relationship between foreign buyers of our debt and gold.

Back to Eric:

Keep this in mind: Every dollar spent buying gold is a dollar not spent buying some other asset, like a U.S. Treasury bond, for example.

China provides a fascinating and timely case study.

For most of the last decade, the large Asian nation has been the largest foreign creditor to the United States. However, China’s appetite for U.S. Treasury securities has been waning steadily for years. Today, it holds 40% fewer Treasurys than it did in 2014 and has slipped behind Japan to become our second-largest foreign creditor.

Meanwhile, China has been ramping up its gold purchases. Based on official figures from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) – which may not be entirely accurate – the country has boosted its gold reserves by 337% during the last 10 years, from $40 billion to $175 billion.

To be sure, the Chinese do not lack for reasons to tiptoe away from the U.S. Treasury market. Our government’s balance sheet is looking a little woozy. America’s annual interest expense is double what it was three years ago and now tops $1 trillion.

To Eric’s point, I’ll add that one week ago today, Federal Reserve Chair Powell spoke in Amsterdam, saying:

We’re running big structural deficits, and we’re going to have to deal with this sooner or later, and sooner is a lot more attractive than later.

This echoes Powell’s comments from his interview on 60 Minutes back in February:

The U.S. federal government is on an unsustainable fiscal path…

It’s probably time, or past time, to get back to an adult conversation among elected officials about getting the federal government back on a sustainable fiscal path.

Call us skeptical, but we don’t see any significant change coming. History suggests that our politicians prefer reelection to prudent policy, and our broad electorate prefer free stuff to not having free stuff.

It all underscores the same investment takeaway…

Stay long gold.

Finally, what’s the latest with “digital” gold?

In late-April, Bitcoin went through its fourth halving.

As we detailed in the Digest, history shows that the prior three halvings were very bullish for Bitcoin’s price for months on either side of the event. But right around the event itself, there was usually a significant price pullback.

This time has been no different. Bitcoin has been doing a lot of nothing ever since the halving.

We urged investors to prepare for this pullback/flatline period, viewing it with the broader context. On that note, here’s our crypto expert Luke Lango.

From Crypto Investor Network:

Bitcoin soared from January to April. But then, at the Fourth Halving, BTC pulled back.

This is very consistent with historical behavior around Halving events…

The good news is that, in both the second and third Boom Cycles, the selloff didn’t last long.

In each cycle, Bitcoin consolidates for a few weeks before starting to climb about two months after the Halving event.

From there, Bitcoin never looked back in either cycle — in 2021 or 2017.

Well, here we are about one month after the most recent Halving event. While that’s a little early for gains to resume by historical standards, there’s growing bullishness in the crypto market.

In fact, Bitcoin has rallied roughly 15% over the last five days, and was trading back above $70,000 earlier this morning though it’s pulled back slightly as I write around mid-day.

Chart showing Bitcoin jumping to nearly $70K after moving sideways after its fourth halving
Source: StockCharts.com

Better still, Luke believes we’ve hit an inflation point:

[Last week] will go down as the “turning point” for the crypto market—the week when Bitcoin begins its upward ascent to $100,000 and when altcoins start to surge like it is 2021 all over again…

Long story short, the macros are improving. Strengthening macros could be a primary driver of positive crypto price action in the coming months.

The technicals on Bitcoin confirm this positive outlook. They are very strong at the current moment.

In his update, Luke walked through a technical analysis of Bitcoin, highlighting its RSI, MACD, and price action relative to its moving averages. He concludes:

This is a uniquely bullish combination of technical dynamics…

A similar combination of bullish technical dynamics is present in January 2023, March 2023, October 2023, and February 2024. Each time, Bitcoin soars over the next few months (and sometimes longer).

One caveat about timing and what might be a red flag

Given Bitcoin’s tendency to flatline for roughly two months after a Halving event, Luke urges investors to continue to be patient if this latest rally fizzles out. But he does note that if we don’t see Bitcoin’s gains begin to pick up steam by mid-summer, that’s when we’ll want to pay attention:

Judging by historical precedents, cryptos should not start really surging until the middle of June. We therefore think patience is required here.

However, if mid-July rolls around and cryptos are still stuck, then the dynamic of investor “boredom” would come into play.

Until then, we think most investors are – and should be – happy to wait out this volatility.

For more of Luke’s analysis of the crypto market in Crypto Investor Network, click here.

We’ll keep you updated on all these stories here in the Digest.

And once again, to join Eric tonight at 7 PM Eastern, click here for immediate registration.

Have a good evening,

Jeff Remsburg

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