3 Altcoins to Buy Before They Become Moonshots: June 2024


  • While altcoins may not be as famous as the crypto market movers, these three could have their day in the sun soon.
  • Sei (SEI-USD): Based on more standard technology, Sei aims to become the fastest blockchain in the world.
  • Celestia (TIA-USD): Relying on blockchain developer interest in extreme customizability could be lucrative for TIA holders.
  • Ondo (ONDO-USD): A token tied to the governance structure of a nonprofit for tokenization awareness.
Altcoins to Buy - 3 Altcoins to Buy Before They Become Moonshots: June 2024

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In the cryptocurrency market, the term altcoin refers to any alternative to Bitcoin (BTC-USD) and sometimes Ethereum (ETH-USD). These coins and currencies may have more legitimate potential than the average meme coin but don’t have the same level of recognition as Bitcoin. As a result, their early prospects are limited and they tend to represent the value of a project rather than an actual alternative to fiat currency. So what are the clues investors should look for to find the right altcoins to buy?

For starters, it always comes down to the individual risk tolerance of the investor. Altcoins, while promising in technological features, don’t have the same stability as Bitocin due to their lack of widespread applications and adoption. Thus, the best altcoins to buy come down to two main factors: how big is the project in terms of funding and support, and how useful is its application? When investors diligently focus on these aspects, they mitigate risk more effectively.


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Aiming to create the fastest parallel blockchain in the world, Sei (SEI-USD) has made its technology open source. The company, unlike other budding altcoin projects, is more focused on improving the current architecture of blockchain systems for the web2 iteration of the internet. This is contrarian to the wider crypto industry, as most other coins are championing the features of web3 instead.

As a result, Sei’s design is hyper-focused on creating the fastest possible trading experience on web2. This general-purpose approach means Sei relies on the more standard layer-1 blockchain structure. For the associated investment token, these features have made Sei stand out both among experts like Michael van de Poppe and more casual traders.

The result? Sei is up over 6000% in the last year and looks to have found a stable price of around 52 cents. Now, with its growing popularity, the coin could break out soon to its next run.

Celestia (TIA-USD)

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Another blockchain play, Celestia (TIA-USD) focuses more on adaptability and availability to offer users a competitive edge. The platform allows developers to take a common Ethereum rollup framework or a virtual machine and create their custom blockchain. With this focus on customization, Celestia could see its prospects grow rapidly if interest in blockchains continues to increase.

Additionally, the platform’s design allows for maximum compatibility with other projects by allowing for verification through the use of what it calls “light nodes.” These code commands allow anyone using Celestia to verify data availability on the blockchain. As a result, TIA is up 360% over the last year and has comfortably found a new price floor around the $9-10 range.

Moreover, the company’s push toward scalability and improving community coherence means it has the potential for organic growth. This user-driven growth would then increase both its popularity and use cases, thus increasing its value. These factors make TIA one of the better altcoins to buy.


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A newly minted crypto as of January 2024, Ondo (ONDO-USD) is the governing token for the nonprofit Ondo Foundation. The company’s mission statement is to promote financial inclusivity and efficiency by offering high-quality financial products and services. This includes providing financing for projects that advance crypto technology adoption and promoting awareness of the benefits of asset tokenization.

To make this process more democratic, the company has released the Ondo token as a way to distribute voting power. Those who invest in the foundation by purchasing the token have more voting power in its decision-making process. This closely mirrors the way major shareholders have a say over a publicly traded company’s decision-making.

In this case, the Ondo token’s trading value stems directly from the number of people who invest in the project. Since it aims to fund and raise awareness about asset tokenization, Ondo could generate significant value for its token holders.

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