5 Signs Bitcoin May Be About to Trend Higher

There's certainly some skepticism around crypto and blockchain recently. But these five factors are signaling Bitcoin has higher to go.

Exciting New Stocks for Your Watch List

Today, we'll talk about some of the names you need to know in the infrastructure and housing sectors. Plus, we'll focus on two cannabis stocks you shouldn't ignore.

Top Stocks To Watch This Summer

Wondering which stocks you should watch right now? Then look no further! Matt discusses what he thinks are the best stocks to watch this summer… and it’s not just a few but a complete dozen! While these are not buy recommendations, all these stocks look to be promising investments to watch. These stocks are also in a wide variety of sectors because diversification of your portfolio is important, now more than ever. Watch for the detailed breakdown!

Why Would 3 Billionaires Want to Leave Earth?

It's the Space Race 2.0. And some of the most innovative business builders and wealthiest people are aggressively trying to leave the planet.

Why Buying Clover Health Is Worse than Gambling

Here's my PSA: do not try to invest in meme stocks like CLOV. But if you want to have a little fun and gamble a bit, go for it.

Meme Stocks, SPACs, and The Rally After Jobs Numbers

The “meme” stocks have been going crazy this past week. We’re talking triple-digit gains on stocks like AMC and Gamestop. But should you actually be trying to get in on meme stocks? Matt doesn’t think so, and he explains why. He also covers several interesting stocks for your watch list right now – SPACs that have pulled back – as well as the recent rally caused by big jobs numbers.

Markets and Meme Stocks – Here’s What You Need to Know

Today, let's talk about the market’s strength and what it means. Then, we'll dive into meme stocks and the recent rallies around AMC and CLOV.

This Debate Might Have Just Been Settled With Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain can make everything more transparent, efficient and honest. That's why this new tech is such a big deal.

Nothing in Life Is Guaranteed … But the EV Trend Sticking Around Is Pretty Close

There are particular trends that are as close to a certainty as you can get. And that's exactly why investors should get in on EVs.

One Undeniable Lesson of the Pandemic and Its $56 Trillion Opportunity

The internet enabled us to do a lot during Covid. Going forward, 5G is a keystone technology because it will enable many other breakthroughs.

You May Be Surprised by What I Uncovered Over the Long Weekend

Many investors may be tempted to ignore or overlook Chinese stocks. But that would be a huge mistake. Let's take a look at why that is.

Top Chinese Stocks That Should be on Your Watch List

Many American investors primarily focus on American stocks. That makes sense. But if you ignore what’s going on in China, you could be leaving a lot on the table. Many of the top stocks in the American biotech sector have been struggling while in China, biotech stocks are booming. There are huge companies over there that you may never have heard of.

You May Be Surprised at Bitcoin’s Impact on the Environment

Here’s what you need to know about mining cryptos like bitcoin, its environmental impact and its effect on their potential as investments.

All About Initial Public Offerings: A Holiday IPO-Palooza

There’s an excitement about a new company has an IPO. It's all about possibilities and some of the most promising financial opportunities.

Stock Market Bounce … And IPOs To Invest In That You Probably Forgot About

The market has bounced recently, and growth stocks are finally getting their time. In this episode, Matt explains why pullbacks and consolidations are not a bad thing… and why he thinks that many innovative growth stocks will rally back. He also covers initial public offerings – or IPOs – and not the latest picks the rest of the market tends to focus on. He talks IPO investing strategy, and he talks stocks. He goes chart by chart, explaining why he believes some of these companies have so much upside potential and why now may be the time to invest.

We Can Learn A Lot from Who’s Selling Bitcoin – And Who’s Buying

Bitcoin took a beating recently. But here's what we can learn from those who sold their Bitcoin on the dip. And those who doubled down.

I Can’t Believe People Are Seriously Questioning This

Just because many tech stocks have pulled back, doesn't mean that there aren't strong, innovative companies out there.

The Big Picture for Tech, Bitcoin, and Other Opportunities

The big picture outlook for tech stocks and bitcoin still looks good despite what some may have think. If you look at the ARK Innovation ETF and compare it to an index like the S&P 500 today, it may give you the impression that you should ditch tech. But if we zoom out and take a look at the big picture, you might think differently. In this episode, Matt explains what could be down the road for bitcoin and big tech. He also shares some opportunities for diversification into sectors with a lot of promise.

5 Factors That Can Give You 10X Potential

There's no perfect recipe for picking stocks. But these five tips will put you on the right track for major gains.

Could Bitcoin Really Go That High?

Cathie Wood's super-high price target is just one sign that big money recognizes the power of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.