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Tue, July 27 at 7:00PM ET


Cannabis Stocks Feel the Heat, Making GrowGeneration Stock a Bargain

If you think you missed out on GRWG stock, rest assured, because you haven't. Now is actually a great time to buy.

This Is My No. 1 Secret to Scoring 10X Returns in the Stock Market

In order to truly “win” in the stock market and score 10X, 20X, even 30X returns, you need to adopt long-term thinking – you need to adopt the VC mentality.

Crocs Stock Is Up 330%+ From Last Year, And It’s Still a Good Buy

The shift to function over form in the fashion market is a sustainable driver of increased Crocs adoption. And the unprecedented growth experienced by this stock is not set to end soon. Consumers want to be comfortable. And as far as comfort goes, Crocs really is the name of the game.

Don’t Fear an Economic Slowdown. Skillz Stock Will Thrive Regardless.

Worries about an economic slowdown have hurt SKLZ stock in the l, but we believe this massive slowdown will never materialize. If anything, Skillz (NYSE:SKLZ) will benefit from various factors contributing to the acceleration of the shift to digital.

Buy QuantumScape Stock If You Have Time to Wait for It to 10X or More

QuantumScape has developed the world's most impressive solid-state battery to-date, making QS stock worth buying if time is on your side and can wait for the tech to be commercialized. If you can hold the stock for 5+ years, then consider taking position.

This Type of Stock Will Thrive in the Coming Goldilocks Economy

In a Goldilocks economy, growth stocks are the only stocks posting consistent revenue and earnings growth – they’re the only “game in town,” so to speak.

As DraftKings Enters the NFT Business, It’s Time to Buy DKNG Stock

Many investors are clearly already on board with the future of NFTs, which is why DKNG stock rose today. And as artists increasingly warm up to the idea of creating digital art and consumers become more comfortable with the idea of "owning" digital art, the NFT market will explode once again.

This Catalyst Could Boost Bitcoin Past the $35,000 Level

As inflation expectations and bond yields have collapsed in recent months, so has the price of Bitcoin. All of the investors seeking to hedge against inflation by buying BTC have made their way to the exits. But the B Word conference, taking place today, could be a huge catalyst for BTC.

Canopy Growth Is the Long-Term Pot Play You’re Looking for

Cannabis stocks are due for a boom soon. The U.S. government is still attempting to decriminalize pot, and cannabis stocks have been a disappointment for years, but we'll get there eventually. And among cannabis companies, Canopy Growth is well-suited for hypergrowth.

The Next Generation of Billionaires Will Be Made in This Industry

I firmly believe that the next generation of billionaires will be made in space. The economic opportunities are that big. Not surprisingly, I think there are dozens upon dozens of 10X investment opportunities hiding in plain sight in this industry.

Buy Peloton Stock Now Because the Return to Gyms Will Be Short-Lived

Stay-at-home orders during the pandemic naturally boosted sales of Peloton's machines. Everyone had to stay home, so it's no wonder at-home workouts became all the rage. But, even as gyms reopen, we don't see them posing a threat to Peloton's bottom line.

This Is Why We’re More Bullish Than Ever on Palantir Stock

Up to this point, the biggest hurdles keeping businesses from adopting Palantir's services have been price and accessibility. Foundry for Builders fixes that accessibility issue by providing access to the Foundry platform to early-stage companies to support their growth.

The Best Pot Stocks to Buy on the Dip After U.S. Legalization Failed

Get prepared for the global cannabis market go from a niche, $14.8 billion market today, to a $100-plus billion industry that rivals the alcoholic beverage market by 2030. And these are the best pot stocks to buy now.

How to Play the $2.4 TRILLION Distributed Energy Revolution

Experts like to call this seismic shift in residential living the “Distributed Energy Revolution,” since at its core, this shift is about cutting individual household dependence on the energy grid and turning each home into its own self-sustaining energy generation and storage hub.

Buy Hyliion Stock to Bet on Renewable Natural Gas Coming Out on Top

It's possible for RNG to be a go-to clean fuel source for long haul trucking one day. And if that happens, you have a 5X to 10X winner with HYLN. But there are also major risks to RNG’s emergence, and if those risks stunt the RNG revolution, then HYLN stock is worth nothing.

Ignore the ChargePoint Noise, CHPT Stock Has Long-Term Multi-Bagger Potential

Over the next 5 to 10 years, EVs are going to replace gas-powered cars on roads across the globe. This seismic shift in the auto market will coincide with a seismic shift in transportation infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of EVs — the centerpiece of which is a shift from gas stations to charging stations, like those operated by ChargePoint.

Buy ContextLogic Stock Now to Double Your Investment by the End of 2021

Now that WISH stock meme mania has faded, we recommend buying in on ContextLogic's solid, tech-first team and huge upside potential.

Buy Celsius Stock Before It Powers to $100

Energy drink giants have failed to fully commit to the rising health trend, leaving the door wide open for another brand to dominate the health-first energy drink niche, which is benefitting from secular demand drivers. Celsius is that company.

It’s Time to Buy Psychedelic Stocks as the ‘Shroom Boom’ Gets Underway

We went from having just two legally accessible drugs for decades, to having more than half a dozen in just five years. And that half a dozen includes stuff like magic mushrooms that, for years, were frowned upon in society as “taboo.”

Virgin Galactic Stock Offering Is a Blessing in Disguise for Investors

As soon as news of Virgin Galactic's stock offering hit, the stock dropped 20%, and it's been gliding downwards ever since. We understand why the market would be upset about this offering. But we also think these funds provide a long-term tailwind for Virgin Galactic.