The One Chart That Suggests the Crypto Comeback Is Around the Corner

The next few months will likely continue to prove volatile for cryptos as Fed policy uncertainty and sky-high inflation roil the growth trade. But once these headwinds die down, cryptos will stage an enormous comeback.

Why a Double-Digit Rally Is In the Cards for Tech Stocks

After Thursday's big “second break” of the 100-day moving average in the QQQ, history says that what comes next is a double-digit tech stock rally over the next few months. But certain tech stocks will rally much, much more than that…

The Truth They’re Not Telling You About Inflation

While inflation is running at decade-highs right now, what they’re not telling you is that things are going to get better – a whole lot better – over the next 12 months

The 3 Types of Stocks to Buy in This Choppy Market

In every rough patch for the stock market, there are unique stocks to buy that actually make you money while everyone else is losing money. Basically, over the next few months, it’ll be the money-making, reasonably valued, cash-rich stocks that win on Wall Street.

This Controversial Group of Stocks Will Soar Even If the Stock Market Crashes in 2022

We have a theory that is totally counterintuitive, controversial, and contrarian… but there's evidence that stocks will outperform despite a near-term stock market crash. That theory supports that super rate-sensitive, early stage growth stocks will win big this year.

GameStop Just Entered an Industry With 1,000X Growth Potential

The global collectibles market – including physical trading cards, games, toys, cars, and more – is a $370 BILLION market. By our logic, then, the global NFT market can (and should) grow by 1,000-fold over the next 10-plus years, and the best asset to invest in is...

4 Ways to Profit in the Tech Stock Sell-Off

Bottom-line, in order to protect against near-term market volatility, an emphasis on high-margin, money-making, cash-rich tech companies with relatively lower valuations is required over the next few months.

The Ordinary Wednesday That Ushered in the Self-Driving Revolution

By 2030, autonomy will be an automobile industry ubiquity. Every car, every truck, and every four-wheeled vehicle of every sort will be self-driving. This is not a matter of “if.” It’s a matter of “when” – and the “when,” as evidenced by TuSimple’s successful driver-out test, is now.

In 2022, Metaverse Stocks Will Get the ‘EV Treatment’

A lot of us bought an electric vehicle for the first time ever last year, and EV stocks soared. The same thing will happen to metaverse stocks in 2022.

Here Comes the Next Big Breakout in EV Stocks

Not only are legacy automakers across the price spectrum – like Ford, GM, Mercedes, and BMW – launching dozens of new EV models in 2022, but multiple EV startups like Lucid, Rivian, Canoo, Arrival, and more will start actively delivering their EVs to consumers in 2022, too.

Don’t Just Sit Back While Electric Vehicle Stocks Break Out This Year

If you haven’t already bought the best EV stocks in 2021, then the time to buy them is now. Because 2022 is going to be a huge breakout year for electric vehicles.

In 2022, Only One Thing Will Unite the Global Blockchain Takeover

Interoperability is one of those huge ideas that comes along every so often and offers huge opportunity. While NFTs and the metaverse are well-covered crypto topics, the idea of interoperability is not – and that’s why we believe trillion-dollar opportunities lie in this industry.

10 Bold Stock & Crypto Predictions for an Even Wilder 2022

As we head into the final trading day of 2021, it's time to look forward to 2022 which promises to be just as fast and furious as 2021. Here's everything you need to know.

Best Stocks for 2022: The ‘RH for Millennials’ Could Soar as the Housing Market Booms

The housing market is gearing up for a decade-long boom, and one of the best stocks to buy in 2022 will be none other than Arhaus.

The $11 Trillion Hydrogen Revolution Is Coming in 2022. Are You Ready?

While the periodic table hasn’t changed over the past 50 years, everything else has changed. Now, for first time ever, all the growth drivers for hydrogen stocks have shown up at the same time.

There’s More at Stake in the Multi-Trillion Dollar Space Economy Than the Egos of Billionaires

Today, space tourism and exploration companies can launch anyone into the edge of space at a relatively low cost and high certainty of safety. Which means there's never been a better time to buy space stocks.

Next Year, You’re Going to Buy the ‘iPhone Killer’ for Christmas

The metaverse is the future, but to access the metaverse you need a VR headset. Enter Apple Inc., whose forthcoming VR device promises to make AAPL one of the best metaverse stocks to buy.

There’s a Bubble Brewing in Plain Sight. Here’s How to Play It.

These companies are slowing down but their stocks are more expensive than ever. But there's one opportunity in 2022 that looks more compelling than betting against this stock bubble...

These 10 Stocks Could Be the Market’s Biggest Winners in January

When investors sell their stocks at year-end, it has nothing to do with whether they like the company or if they believe a turnaround is coming. Instead, it has everything to do with taxes.

The EV Charging Revolution Is in Full Swing

There are lots of EV charging stocks out there today. Not all of them will make it. So, it’s time to buy only the best EV charging stocks.