Credit Suisse: A Repeat of the Lehman Brothers Crisis?

Banks like Credit Suisse count on traditionally stable markets to stay balanced. With long-lasting volatility, bank trading models break.

Best Stocks to Buy for a Massive Rebound Rally

I'm still bullish on a few high-conviction stocks. They’re beaten-down and dirt-cheap. And they’re the best stocks primed to soar from here.

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The electric car megatrend won’t materialize unless an equally large growth spurt happens in EV charging infrastructure.

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Given the presently discounted valuations in the market, we believe certain EV stocks could soar a lot more than 10X in the coming years.

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Cathie Wood stocks are due for another big reversal in 2023. They've fallen too far, too fast -- with some major catalysts on the horizon.

The Global EV Disruption Is Your Million-Dollar Opportunity

With game-changing trends now converging, we'll see jaw-dropping EV volume growth of ~2,000% through 2040 --and mega gains in EV stocks.

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The EV stocks that we’re most excited about? The companies beginning significant production ramps into 2023.

The Ultimate Explosive ‘Sleeper’ Tech of 2023

Though the future of flying cars might seem ages away, most eVTOL makers plan to commence operations in 2024.

Buy the Dip and HODL With These Stocks Before the BIG Rally

Don’t Fight the Fed! Invest in the Next Amazon Instead

The Fed is keeping its foot on the gas until something breaks. After which, expect a 50%+ rally. It's the best time to find the next Amazon!

Muscle Through a Recession With Growth Stocks

We're in a bear market with a possible recession incoming. The best way to weather it is with growth stocks that will keep moving higher.

Space Stocks Will Mint Millionaires Upon Blastoff

The opportunity in space stocks is nearly infinite. Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect that economy to measure over $1 trillion by 2040.

2022’s Stock Market Crash: the Finale Before a 50%-Plus Boom

We haven’t yet had the fast-and-furious capitulation selloff that typically marks stock market crash bottom -- and sets stocks up to soar.

Even in a Recession, Divergent Stocks Will Prosper

Divergent stocks have been the perfect recessionary medicine. During crashes, they tend to soar -- while the rest of the market collapses.

4 EV Stocks to Sell Before the Great EV Consolidation Kills Them

It seems the EV industry consolidation will happen rapidly over the next 12 months. And I expect dozens of EV stocks to plunge to zero.

Buy the SoFi Stock Dip for 25X Gains in 10 Years

SoFi stock has been absolutely crushed this year. But with 25X upside potential, it remains among the best stocks to buy today.

Metaverse Stocks to Buy to Survive a Market Crash

In January, Microsoft announced acquisition of video game titan Activision, implying metaverse stocks will soar.

This Little-Known Battery Technology Will Drive the EV Revolution

An underrated battery composition may be the key to making a sub-$20,000 electric car -- and helping top EV stocks to soar.

Prosper From Apple’s Major Upcoming Product Launch

The Apple car is set for a 2024 release. And the best way to play this upcoming trend is to buy supplier stocks related to its launch.