Louis Navellier’s #1 Stock for 2022

On October 20, the man who recommended Google before anyone else will reveal his #1 stock pick for 2022 — for FREE — ticker symbol and all — in a special presentation.

Wed, October 20 at 4:00PM ET


Where Will You Be When You Score Your First 10X Winner in the Sports Betting Boom?

One day, the global online sports betting market will be huge, with little-known companies today positioned for several years of big growth tomorrow. These are the sports betting stocks to buy today.

Buying Opendoor Today Could Be Like Buying Amazon in 1997

In any event, Opendoor stock is to iBuying what Amazon is to e-commerce. And, just as Amazon pioneered the global e-commerce takeover of the past decade and scored shareholders enormous returns, Opendoor will do the same with iBuying and its shareholders over the next decade.

A Brand-New, Tiny Crypto That Is Set to Soar

The providers of the “plumbing” of blockchain cities – oracles – will turn into economic titans. Using the real world as a parallel here, the blockchain universe’s biggest oracle tokens could one day be worth $50-plus billion.

All the Stars Have Aligned for Cryptos to Soar

The stars have really aligned when it comes to cryptos… and over the next few months, we could witness huge price gains in alt coins. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on what could be the next big crypto breakout

The Bitcoin Breakout Is Here. Don’t Take My Word for It. Look at This Chart!

Bitcoin's 100-day moving average sits around $43,000, and is sloping upward, while the 200-day moving average is around $45,000 with a flat slope. If current price action persists for just another few weeks, we will get a golden cross moment.

Jamie Dimon Is on the Wrong Side of the Best Trade in History

Bitcoin has not only been the best-performing asset class of the decade, has been the best trade ever. Dimon, however, has been on the wrong side of it for nearly a decade.

Ignore the Media – Inflation Isn’t Heating Up, It’s Cooling Off

If you follow financial media closely, you’d think that inflation is running hot as ever in the economy right now – but you’d be wrong. As a result, you’d miss out on the biggest wealth-creating force in the history of financial markets.

The Time to Buy Beaten-Down Solar Stocks Is Now

For the solar industry, perovskites, which are easily synthesized and manipulated materials, are key to solar stocks rising. And scientists have figured out how to use perovskites to mimic the semiconducting properties of silicon.

Think Bitcoin Is Going to $100,000? You’re Wrong — It’s Going to $500,000

Bitcoin is the digital version of gold. And if Bitcoin gets as big as gold, you’re talking an $11 trillion market on 21 million tokens.

Is Facebook Finally Going to Die?

Facebook stock has come under intense pressure in recent weeks over how the company’s social media platforms impact the mental health of young folks. While FB has been in hot water before, it could end differently this time.

Are You Worried About a Stock Market Crash?

The general fear of a stock market crash is that inflation will stay hot, the recovery will stay uneven, and the Fed will stay unpredictable – thereby ending what has essentially been a 40-year bull market.

Meet the Little-Known Hypergrowth Industry That’s Replacing Your Credit Card

Buy Now, Pay Later – or BNPL – is a relatively new type of digital fintech product that allows folks to buy a product today, and pay for it through regularly scheduled installments in the future.

This One Chart Shows Why Bitcoin Could Soar to $100,000

We’re sitting at multi-year high levels in the Bitcoin LTH Supply Shock Ratio. And history says what comes next is a big move higher in Bitcoin prices over the next few months.

iRobot Stock Is Cool… But This Tiny Robot Tech Is Way Better

Low-level automation will get commoditized long-term, and iRobot’s competitive advantages will be in pricing – which means low margins and low profits. Our excitement in this industry lies with high-level automation.

Why EV Stocks Are Due for a Huge Breakout in 2022

With so much growth potential over the next two decades, the EV industry offers investors multiple excellent long-term investment opportunities. And the time to go “all in” with EV stocks is right now.

This Catalyst Is a Major Reason to Buy Cryptos Today

While the Fed is threatening to tighten monetary policy (which is hurting stocks), they are also not at all threatening to crack down on Bitcoin (which is boosting cryptos).

Where Are the Flying Cars? Spoiler: They’re Coming, and Here’s How to Invest

Welcome, friends, to the “Flying Car Revolution” – a $3 TRILLION urban air mobility revolution that will create new titans of transportation.

Step Aside, Genomic Revolution. Welcome, the Proteomic Revolution!

Just as next-gen sequencing (NGS) tech kickstarted a multi-hundred-billion-dollar Genomic Revolution that resulted in multiple 10X winners in the 2010s, next-gen protein sequencing (NGPS) tech will kickstart an equally large Proteomic Revolution that will result in multiple 10X winners in the 2020s.

What’s Going on With the Infrastructure Bill?

Despite uncertainty, these stocks will be long-term winners, and their gains will be accelerated by the passage of the infrastructure bill.

What Is Driving Stocks Amid the Market’s Taper Tantrum?

Treasury yields don’t paint the full picture here. They are a driver of long-term stock prices, but not the biggest driver. Instead, that title is reserved for another key influencer.