Power Through the Rolling Bear Market With Growth Stocks

We're in a rolling bear market, maybe even a recession. The best way to weather this storm is with growth stocks that will keep moving higher.

Did Rivian Just Spark a Huge Comeback for Electric Vehicle Stocks?

The reestablishment of confidence in two electric vehicle manufacturing startups was enough to light a fire under the entire industry.

SoFi Is the Perfect Dip-Buy to Play the Market Crash

Make the most of the market washout by finding those fundamentally great -- yet demolished -- stocks among the wreckage. SoFi is one of them.

The Smart Money Is Putting a Bullish Spin on the Market Crash

We’re seeing a bullish indicator -- another insider shopping spree. That means we could be in for another big short-term rally in the market.

The Electric Vehicle Revolution Is Here Thanks to the Forever Battery

Solid-state batteries allow an electric vehicle to drive for thousands of miles without needing to recharge. And that tech has arrived.

Hydrogen Power Will Give Rise to an $11 Trillion Revolution in 2022

For first time ever, all the growth drivers for hydrogen power have arrived at the same time. And an enormous market is set to explode.

A Recession May Have Already Arrived, But Divergent Stocks Will Prosper

Divergent stocks have been the perfect recessionary medicine. During crashes, they tend to soar -- while the rest of the market collapses.

⛏ Mining Stocks – The Wild West!

Rare earth companies that can corner the market on coveted materials needed to run EVs, homes, phones -- everything -- are the mining stocks that will take over.

The Federal Reserve Just Bolstered the Opportunity of the Century

Yesterday, for the first time in 2022, the Federal Reserve did not sound more hawkish. And this dovish pivot is a boon for stocks.

Big Tech Is Dead! ☠

A few months back, Luke made a bold claim -- Big Tech is dead. And now we're seeing it come to fruition as those stocks begin a nosedive.

Tech Stocks’ ‘Head Fake’ Is a Red Flag, But Divergent Stocks Will Still Soar

On Monday, tech stocks staged a reversal off yearly lows. That's an ominous sign for the broader market -- but bullish for divergent stocks.

Buy FuboTV Stock as Netflix Chills

Once a pioneering titan, Netflix hasn’t executed on new innovations, and other competitors have caught up to its original content ambitions.

Plug Power Stock | Buy Before it Becomes the “Tesla of Hydrogen”

The company is primed to sell green hydrogen to large companies on a global scale -- and Plug Power stock will rocket high.

Earnings Season | The Divergence Window Is Nearly Open

Earnings season is colliding with a very hawkish Federal Reserve -- all while a divergence is rising. This sets the stage for a huge rally.

U.S. Stock Market Divergence Can Transform Volatility Into Fortune

The greatest phenomenon in U.S. stock market history is arising on Wall Street for the first time in 14 years. And it offers monumental gains.

Find Bear Market Protection and 1,200%+ Upside With ‘Divergence’ Stocks

A rare stock market phenomenon is emerging, where previous investors have doubled their money in 12 months, 10X'd their money in five years, and 30X'd their money in 10 years... even in a bear market!

An Incredible Stock Market Money-Making Opportunity Is Fast Approaching

Divergence, an ultra-rare stock market phenomenon, can give you a real shot at turning $10,000 investments into multi-million-dollar paydays.

Big Tech Are Falling Titans

The competitive playing fields are evening out, and Big Tech is losing its edge. It's time to buy the tech startups that are unseating them.

This New Type of Battery Could Change the World

QuantumScape's solid-state battery progress has been mind-bogglingly impressive. Its 16-layer battery has proven successful. And it seems the Forever Battery Revolution has arrived.

Why I’m Cutting the Cord on Netflix Stock

Netflix's fail is not indicative of a broader trend for other streaming services. Forget Netflix stock. Consider innovative streaming stocks that are powering forward.