Even if We See a Recession, We May Have Reached Max Market Pain

Stocks are already priced for a short, shallow recession. So, even if we see one next year, stocks should move higher from here.

An Explosive Penny Stock to Play a U.S. Battery Gold Rush

Ultimately, world-changing trends always end up changing the world – regardless of what happens in the near-term.

Is a Bubble Brewing in Oil?

You can’t benchmark these oil companies on 2022 estimates when they’re artificially inflated by a near-term surge in prices.

Is This a Red Flag for Crypto?

The crypto regulation we’re seeing now revolves around eco-friendliness. And I don’t think it impacts anything all that much.

Play the Solar Boom With Energy Storage Stocks

Being able to use renewable energy is hinged upon storing it. That means energy storage is the single-biggest growth vertical of the space.

The Only Way to Win in the Crypto Crash

Don't sweat the crypto crash too much... Cryptos undergo hyperbolic bust-boom cycles, where they crash hard and then come back bigger than ever before.

BlackRock Is Betting Big on a Company Working to Beat Out Gas

Hydrogen is clean and cheap yet powerful and plentiful enough to fulfill the world’s power demand. And it's primed to finally conquer gas.

3 Reasons Why Inflation Is Nothing But a ‘Boogeyman’

A normalizing supply backdrop coupled with falling demand implies that inflation rates will significantly fall over the coming months.

📺 Could Netflix Actually Buy Roku?

A deal between the Netflix and Roku makes little sense. But nonetheless, Roku stock popped big on the news. Where does this end?

The Lie That’s Keeping EV Stocks From Surging

EV stocks have been dinged in 2022 because investors fear spiking battery metal prices will derail the industry’s growth trajectory.

Understanding the Wealth-Creating Power of Cryptocurrency

Investments in the best of the cryptocurrency markets are ventures in the next generation of revolutionary wealth-creating software programs.

🏦 Is Biden Stepping on SOFI Stock’s Neck??

With U.S. President Biden considering cancelling some amount of student loan debt, Aaron asks if I've changed the bullish tune I've been singing on SoFi. So, yes, this has created sentimental overhang on SoFi’s business, but you know what I think? It’s time to rip off the Band-Aid already, Biden!

The Biggest Opportunity in the Crypto Crash

Within the next 12 to 24 months, some of the opportunities that emerge in the crypto markets will be like buying Amazon stock for $5 in 2001.

Rampant Insider Buying Confirms This Market Rally Is the ‘Real Deal’

With massive buying sprees, insiders are indicating this market rally is here to stay. And we think history will prove them right.

The White House Just Kickstarted a ‘Gold Rush’ for Solar Stocks

There'll be no new tariffs on southeast Asian solar panels for at least the next two years. That’s a huge win for solar stocks.

Can Meme Stocks Make a Comeback?

With the competitive marketplace and ongoing macro concerns, the timing isn’t right for bets on big turnarounds for meme stocks.

Have We Hit Peak Inflation?

For the first time in 16 months, the inflation rate in the United States dropped on a month-over-month basis. And it looks like it'll persist.

Nio Stock Soars! Will It Continue?

As lockdowns in China ease, COVID protocols won’t be a production deterrent. EV stocks are catching a bid on that -- Nio stock included.

Tech Stocks’ Biggest Headwind Is About to Become a Major Tailwind

Tech stocks are especially sensitive to the 10-year yield. The math shows that has peaked for the year, meaning stocks are primed to roar.

Today’s Strong Jobs Market Could Soon Collapse

Many tech companies are either slowing or pausing hiring -- or outright firing workers. And a lot of them are big creators of jobs.