Legendary Stock Picker: “Forget Nvidia, Buy This Instead”

Eric Fry will show you how “the next $1 trillion AI stock” could hand you up to 40 years of Nvidia gains in the coming months.

Tue, May 21 at 7:00PM ET

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Inflation. Interest rates. Housing prices. Investors spend their time closely watching various economic data points and seeing how the Federal Reserve and other policy and lawmakers react. InvestorPlace is breaking down the basics so you can make the smartest moves possible with your money.

April CPI Report Shows Cooling Inflation But Does Little to Solve Rate Cut Worries

The April CPI report released this morning showing a slight deceleration in inflation from March. What does this mean for Fed rate cuts?

What Is the Federal Funds Rate and Why Is It So Important?

The federal funds rate, or benchmark rate, guides interest rates and lending conditions across industries nationwide.

Is the Stock Market on a Crash Course in 2024?

With stocks tumbling in April, alongside largely disappointing economic data, fears of a stock market crash are reaching a fever pitch.

Understanding Unemployment: What Is Unemployment? What Are the Different Kinds? How Is Unemployment Calculated?

While the unemployment rate remains a persistent hot topic among traders and economists alike, it is often woefully misunderstood.

3 EV Stocks to Buy That Are Likely to Get Some Love From Democratic Governors

Democratic governors could start investing more heavily in EV production in their state. Here are three EV stocks that could benefit.

What Is Stagflation? What Causes It and What We’ve Learned from the 1970s.

Stagflation remains a chief concern among economists as one of the most devastating economic conditions. What is stagflation?

Stock Market Crash Alert: Q1 GDP Sounds Stagflation Alarm Bells

Wall Street is abuzz with stagflation concerns after the brutally underwhelming Q1 GDP report. Will the stock market crash?

PCE vs CPI: Why Does the Fed Prefer the PCE? How Are the Two Inflation Metrics Different?

Since the pandemic, Wall Street has been discussing inflation. So, PCE vs. CPI: What's the difference between the two inflation measures?

Stock Market Crash: S&P 500 Falls Below 5,000

While it may be too early to call for a stock market crash, both technical and fundamental dynamics are moving discouragingly.

Stock Market Crash Alert: Mark Your Calendars for April 25

Investors are keeping a close eye on the crucial Q1 GDP report, due on Thursday, April 25. Will the stock market crash?

What is GDP and How Exactly Is GDP Calculated?

GDP remains one of the single-most important barometers of a country's economic health. So, what is GDP? And why does it matter so much?

Why Are Home and Car Insurance Costs Skyrocketing in 2024?

Car and home insurance costs are up more than 22% year-over-year as a hidden driver of inflation. Why are insurance premiums rising?

What Is Inflation? How to Define the Change in Consumer Prices.

Inflation remains the center of economic discussion worldwide in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, what is inflation?

Your Guide to the 6 Main Types of Inflation Defined

Inflation continues to hold Wall Street in a virtual stranglehold. What are the six main types of inflation you need to know about?