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Charts & Technical Analysis

Are We Seeing a Triple Top in the S&P 500?

Healthy markets consolidate and correct, and that's what we should expect the S&P 500 to do here. But the market will eventually break higher. Read Article

Apple Looks Ready to Pop

A week of sideways action is counterintuitively bullish for this beaten-down titan. Read Article

Don’t Expect Summer Driving to Get Much Cheaper

Oil prices are being supported by technical levels and an overbought dollar. Combine that with seasonality, and all signs point north for gas prices in the months ahead. Read Article

Crocs Ready to Hoof It Higher

Crocs is no longer the single-tooled company that fueled a momentum coaster years ago, but you still can trade it for big gains. Right now, CROX looks set to head higher. Read Article

Watch the Utilities for the Rally’s End

Don't chase utility stocks higher right now, but make it a daily fixture in your chart-watching habits -- it could say volumes about the market's next direction. Read Article

Watch Apple’s Chart for ‘Bounceability’

A number of reference levels could keep pushing Apple stock down in the intermediate-term, but keep your eyes peeled -- we could see signals of a significant bounceback. Read Article

Google Is Building Another Head of Steam

Now that Google has consolidated and broken past resistance, the stock could be headed higher, and toward yet another big, round number. Read Article

Oil’s in a Slippery Spot

High-probability oil trades are nowhere to be found right now, but keep an eye on this important resistance zone for a signal of what to do next. Read Article

10 Top Stock Charts to Watch in March

Instead of waiting for a new high in the major indices, look to the technology, materials and retail sectors for trading opportunities. Read Article

Coming Soon: All-Time Highs for the Dow and S&P 500

The Dow Jones and S&P 500 are a stone's throw away from all-time highs, and the technicals suggest they'll be hit sooner than later. But the longer the rally continues, the more selective the group of stocks that continue higher along with the indices. Read Article

Don’t Chase Gold Further Into the Hole — Not Yet, Anyway

It might be tempting to try to ride gold lower or even buy anticipating a rebound, but investors with a little patience should wait for a clearer picture to emerge. Read Article

Google Needs to Reload After Hitting $800

The run that has taken Google's stock past the $800 mark and to all-time highs likely will turn into some backpedaling in the near-term. Read Article

3 Stocks That Are Running on ‘E’

Several stocks have galloped well past the broader indices and are now pretty overextended, meaning upside is limited, and a market pullback could crush them. Read Article

Grocery-Store Stocks: A Mixed Bag

The charts of stocks like Safeway and Whole Foods are all over the map right now, meaning if you're going to play grocers, you should probably do so on an individual basis. Read Article

Gold’s Latest Stumble Puts It on the Edge

Monday's dip may not have been catastrophic, but it could signal a coming avalanche. The charts don't lie. Read Article

Facebook Stock Is at a Critical Level

Now that Facebook isn't making front-page headlines every single day, we can start to look at it from a technical point of view. Right now, it's at a crossroads. Read Article

Dow Will Push Past 14,000, But First …

Indices tend to dance around big, round numbers before eventually pushing higher. Expect the same from the Dow as it flirts with 14,000. Read Article

Walmart’s Charts Look Shaky

Bearish signals are starting to mount for Walmart, and a big move lower could be in the cards -- not just for the stock, but a WMT-heavy ETF. Read Article

Netflix Stock Approaching a Pivot Point

Netflix stock is sitting on a technical island of sorts right now; the next few days should determine where a breakout is headed. Read Article

Gold Bugs Headed Back to the Bench

A break of this important area might signal more weakness in the near-term for gold and the SPDR Gold Trust. Read Article