Trade of the Day

Trade of the Day: A Bullish Trade Setup in Disney Stock

The recent price action in DIS stock suggests a bid remainsand a bullish reversal pattern over the past couple of days now sets up a bullish trade with well-defined risk.

Trade of the Day: Two Ways to Trade Roku Stock After Earnings

The recent post-earnings pop and drop in ROKU stock now offers opportunity for both the trading and investing crowd.

Trade of the Day: Activision Blizzard Stock Poised for More Upside

In the bigger picture ATVI stock still has an uphill battle to fight, but in the near term more upside is possible through the lens of trend following.

Trade of the Day: FB Stock Might Have a Chart Breakout Fake-Out

The post-earnings sell-off in FB stock increasingly points to somewhat lower prices for the stock and sets up a clearly-defined reward to risk trade for active investors and traders.

Trade of the Day: Wells Fargo Stock Offers Oversold Bounce Opportunity

Stocks in the financial sector of the S&P 500 have staged impressive bullish reversals thus far this week and it could continue in WFC stock.

Trade of the Day: MSFT Stock Is in Exhaustion Buying Mode

MSFT stock is in a rally very close to exhaustion buying that will stall the stock and/or lead to mean-reversion lower for a trade.

Trade of the Day: Starbucks Stock Could Fall Further

Despite a good earnings report, SBUX stock on the charts looks poised to fall further, following the bearish reversal and gap-down move earlier this week.

Trade of the Day: Fading the Rally in Intel Stock

Although INTC stock has lagged its peersin 2019 and could thus hold up relatively well in 2020, in the immediate term the stock's rally could be ripe for a pause or mean-reversion lower.

Trade of the Day: Nasdaq 100 QQQ ETF in Risky Territory

The QQQ etf has risen about 5% year to date, on top of a viciously sharp rally in q4 2019. As a result this index and many of its largest constituent stocks are morbidly overbought in the short term and in dangerous territory.

Trade of the Day: Fading the Rally in JPM Stock

JPM stock in recent months rallied to the very upper end of its longer-term trend. After an initially bullish reaction to earnings this week, JPM stock has reversed lower and now sets up for a quick short-side trading opportunity.

Trade of the Day: More Bullish Behavior in Canopy Growth Stock

Marijuana stocks had an outstanding couple of trading days recently. The technically sound pattern developing on Canopy Growth is notable.

Trade of the Day: TSLA Stock Reaches Historic Overbought Readings

While I personally like what Tesla is doing as a company, TSLA stock in the near term is likely getting very overbought. Less risk averse active traders and investors could look at it from the short side for a trade.

Trade of the Day: Big Lots Stock Has a Big Rally Ahead

BIG stock began to rally in a meaningful way last month (December 2019). Now, after a multi-week pause the stock looks poised to continue this rally.

Trade of the Day: AAPL Stock a Big Risk to the Entire Stock Market

Through the lens of just about any metric I can come up with AAPL stock is now historically overbought and a risky bet for investors or traders looking to buy it.

Trade of the Day: Gold Miner ETF GDX Scores a Breakout

In the two otherwise quiet trading sessions ahead of Christmas gold mining stocks had a classic chart breakout. In my eye this is a sign of things to come, i.e. higher prices for the GDX etf in coming weeks/months.

Trade of the Day: FB Stock Gearing up for Another Breakout

Shares of Facebook continue to grind higher and now looks to be coiling up for another move higher toward a well-defined next upside target.

Trade of the Day: Verizon Stock Coiling for a Break Higher

VZ stock has traded in an increasingly bullish pattern of late. This could translate into a chart breakout.

Trade of the Day: Intuit Stock Hanging on by a Thread

After falling 15% from recent highs, INTU stock's chart points to further weakness ahead. This stock continues to show absolute and relative weakness.

Trade of the Day: Schlumberger Stock Is a Catch-Up Play

Energy stocks like Schlumberger SLB stock in recent weeks have begun showing signs of life after notable underperformance. This could bode well into year-end and into 2020.

Trade of the Day: Warm up With Campbell Soup Stock

CPB stock rallied following the company's latest earnings report. Despite a marginally lowered outlook CPB stock held in well and on the charts scored a technical breakout that could serve it well in coming weeks.