As We Sprint into a Hyperconnected Future, This Explosive Cloud Stock is Ready to Soar

Ever notice how everything in your house is becoming “smart“?

It used to just be the smartphone…

Then along came the smart tablet, the smartwatch, the smart TV, and the smart speakers. Maybe you even have a smart thermostat, or a smart doorbell, or a smart fridge, or a smart printer, or… if you’re like me… you have all of those things!

Welcome, folks, to the era of “smart everything” – otherwise known as the Internet of Things (or IoT, for short).

It’s a world wherein everything is connected, all the time, creating one giant web of smart devices constantly communicating with one another.

Of course, this new hyperconnected world unlocks enormous opportunities. Thanks to IoT devices, we can send texts on a watch, virtually see who’s ringing our doorbell even if we aren’t home, automatically regulate the temperatures of our homes, and much more.

But… for businesses… hyperconnectivity also presents enormous challenges.

Before, the only way a business could be digitally hacked was through work-issued computers. Today, every IoT device – from those smart printers in the office, to those work-issued Fitbits – is a potential cybersecurity threat.

Needless to say, as we continue to sprint head first into tomorrow’s hyperconnected future, businesses will increasingly need to modernize their security platforms to monitor, measure, and respond to threats in their expansive IoT ecosystems.

One emerging, hypergrowth cloud company is at the epicenter of this paradigm shift in IoT security.

Today, we will tell you all about this up-and-coming tech stock which – as more and more companies digitally transform themselves into hyperconnected organizations over the next decade – could turn into an enormous long-term winner.

An All-in-One Cloud Platform at the Foundation of IoT Security

How can you protect what you can’t see?

You can’t… meaning businesses cannot protect their IoT ecosystems unless they can see, track, and monitor all the devices in those ecosystems.

Smart device visibility is the foundation of IoT security.

And that’s why a $3.5 billion tech company by the name of Qualys (NASDAQ:QLYS) will become a household tech name like Salesforce or Microsoft in tomorrow’s hyperconnected world.

Qualys has created an all-in-one cloud platform which gives businesses unparalleled visibility into their IoT ecosystems.

Here’s the process.

Qualys deploys virtual and physical sensors to business’ various IoT devices so that they are registered in the Qualys ecosystem. Those devices then stream a steady flow of usage, compliance and security data to a centralized, cloud-hosted monitoring platform, called the Qualys Cloud.

IT departments subsequently use Qualys Cloud like a “control center” for their IoT environments, utilizing nifty visualizations and advanced analytical tools to easily see, monitor, and quality-check every connected device in the ecosystem, all from one software platform.

At the same time, the Qualys Cloud leverages AI technology to automate these monitoring processes, and notifies IT departments when an anomaly is detected in the IoT environment. At that point, Qualys – which integrates with essentially all other enterprise software services – seamlessly allows IT departments to natively fix the anomaly using third-party software.

Phew… that’s a mouthful.

If you didn’t catch all of it, just think this: Qualys Cloud is the “glasses” of IoT security, enabling IT departments to see everything that’s going in their hyperconnected businesses, and respond to issues as soon as they arise.

As the “glasses” of IoT security, Qualys Cloud is quickly turning into a foundational, mission-critical security platform for all organizations in today’s hyperconnected world.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Today, 66% of the Forbes Global 50 and 45% of the Global 500 use Qualys, including McDonald’s, Home Depot, Alphabet, Apple, Mastercard, Visa, Coca-Cola, Netflix, so on and so forth.

Name any big-time company. They probably use Qualys.

So… if Qualys has already reached ubiquity among big enterprises… where is the growth going to come from over the next decade?

Two places.

First, those big fish are going to dramatically up their spend on Qualys.

The number of IoT devices in Home Depot’s ecosystem is only going to go up over time. Same with every other major company, as the number of IoT devices in the world is projected to more than double by 2030, according to Strategy Analytics.

As Home Depot, Apple, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, etc, all issue more IoT devices, they will also all spend more money on the Qualys Cloud to safeguard those IoT devices. That’s a significant growth driver.

Second, little fish are going to join the hyperconnected world soon.

It’s no secret that big companies hop on emerging tech trends before smaller companies do. The IoT trend is no exception. While Home Depot and McDonald’s have millions of self-checkout kiosks, your local diner and thrift shop do not.

As those small businesses catch up and rush into the hyperconnected future throughout the 2020s, Qualys will sustain robust customer growth.

Between those two drivers, this hypergrowth cloud stock is ready to roar higher in the 2020s – by enough that Qualys stock could easily be your next 10X winner.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. 

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