Landmark Twitter Partnership Is Yet Another Reason to Buy SNAP Stock

Photo-sharing app Snap (NYSE:SNAP) and microblogging app Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) broke new ground in early December when the two social media companies unveiled a cross-app integration wherein tweets can now be shared directly through the Snapchat app.

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The landmark move — which represents a departure from the norm in the social media space, where these platforms historically tried to do everything possible to keep all their content and users on their own platforms — has sparked sizable rallies in both SNAP stock and TWTR stock.

Rightly so.

The Snap-Twitter cross-app integration partnership is a “win-win”, through which both Snap and Twitter will boost usage, engagement, and ad dollars.

In the context of SNAP stock, all this partnership does is further enhance the long-term bull thesis. Snap continues to prove itself as the most innovative company in the burgeoning social media/digital advertising space. This unmatched innovation sets the stage for Snap to sustain huge user, revenue and profit growth over the next several years.

Alongside that huge growth, SNAP stock will keep powering higher.

Here’s a deeper look.

Snap-Twitter Partnership Is a “Win-Win”

The Snap-Twitter partnership is a pretty big win-win for both companies.

Twitter wins by increasing content distribution, relevance, and mind-share, since its content will now be visible and clickable to the 250 million people who use Snap every day through personal messages and Stories those users share with another.

That’s a big deal for Twitter, because Snap users spend a lot of time on Snap (over 30 minutes per day), create a lot of content (over 4 billion Saps created every day), and represent a youthful demographic which Twitter is struggling to attract (over 75% of 13-34 year old U.S. population uses Snapchat).

Thus, for Twitter, this landmark partnership should ultimately drive tons of new traffic back to the Twitter app, which should lead to more users, higher engagement, and more ad dollars.

Meanwhile, for Snap, the company gets to increase the volume of content on its platform and enhance user sharing abilities, which will in turn boost users, engagement and, yes, ad dollars, too.

Overall, the Snap-Twitter partnership is a big win for both companies, and therefore, it should be no surprise that both SNAP stock and TWTR stock are rallying.

Innovation Is the Heartbeat of Snap

Perhaps more importantly, this partnership underscores that Snap remains on the cutting-edge of all-things-innovation in social media.

Cross-app integrations will increasingly become the norm in social media as we pivot into a “One Internet” future, wherein these social platforms will start to leverage synergies in sharing content through one another, as opposed to isolating themselves. This partnership between Snap and Twitter is the first of many, many more cross-app integration partnerships to come — and the fact that Snap is breaking ground of the first one, implies that the company will likely be a part of many future cross-app deals, too.

Of course, that provides a meaningful long-term tailwind for Snap. With each new cross-app content partnership Snap scores, the more content Snap will get, and the higher usage, engagement and ad dollars will go.

That’s the power of innovation. By innovating on cross-app integrations, Snap is setting the stage for accelerated growth in coming years.

Snap’s innovation in cross-app integration is but one small piece of Snap’s whole “innovation pie”, if you will. The company is also integrating augmented reality into its app, creating original media content, expanding the functionality of its platform, and leveraging AI to improve customer service.

Thanks to all these promising innovations, the future has never been brighter for Snap.

So long as the future remains bright, SNAP stock will keep rallying.

Long Term Upside for Snap Stock

My modeling indicates that — thanks to Snap’s attractive positioning in the burgeoning digital ad market — this company should sustain 20%-plus revenue growth into 2025, and 10%-plus revenue growth thereafter into 2030.

Assuming so, my numbers suggest that Snap’s earnings per share will climb to somewhere between $4.50 and $5 by 2030.

Based on a 20X forward earnings multiple, that implies a long-term price target for SNAP stock of $90 to $100. Thus, around $50 today, SNAP stock still has plenty of runway left to sustain healthy gains for the foreseeable future.

Bottom Line on SNAP Stock

The Snap-Twitter cross-app content partnership is a big win for Snap. But, more than that, it underscores that Snap is the most innovative company in the booming social media space. So long as that remains true — and macroeconomic conditions remain favorable — SNAP stock will keep pushing higher.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. 

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