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The Gen-Z Revolution Is a Catalyst for Significant Cryptocurrency Growth

The children are the future.

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Many great leaders have reminded us of this throughout human history.

John F. Kennedy once said that “children are the world’s most valuable resource.

Nelson Mandela is famous for saying that “our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation.

Young people are the future… and, as hypergrowth investors, we like to invest in the future.

So, by the transitive property, investing in the future means investing in young people.

That sounds like something out of a Hallmark card. Yes, it’s cheesy, but it’s true. So, what does it actually mean?

It means that if you want to make serious money by investing in hypergrowth megatrends, you need to invest in what the kids are buying and doing.

Because guess what? Those young folks will soon turn into the economic heartbeat of the world.

Over 80 million baby boomers will file for retirement benefits over the next 20 years – amounting to 10,000 people per day.

Once the bedrock of the workforce, baby boomers’ presence in the office will shrink from 31% of workers in 2015 to just 8% of workers by 2030.

Who is taking their place?

The kids, of course.

Generation Z – broadly defined as individuals born after 1996, so the 25-and-younger crowd – comprised a measly 4% of the global workforce in 2015.

By 2030, that share is expected to rise to 22%… by 2040, it’ll likely measure 40% or more.

Source: InvestorPlace

More Gen Z folks getting more jobs means more Gen Z folks getting more money.

According to Bank of America, Generation Z’s direct purchasing power is set to grow 400% over the next decade to $33 TRILLION – comprising more than a quarter of global purchasing power by 2030.

Here’s how Bank of America sums up this seismic demographic shift in spending power and economic influence:

“The Gen Z revolution is starting, as the first generation born into an online world is now entering the workforce and compelling other generations to adapt to them, not vice versa.”

The Gen Z revolution…

I like the ring of that – because that’s exactly what is happening. It’s a global economic revolution wherein the world’s spending power is being transferred from older folks to younger folks.

The products and services that are winning over the hearts (and wallets) of these younger consumers are the ones positioned for a decade of hypergrowth ahead.

Investing in those products and services is the key to unlocking enormous financial gains over the next 10-plus years.

So… what products and services do Gen Z consumers like?

They hate broadcast TV and love streaming platforms (only 1 in 4 Gen Z consumers watches broadcast TV). They love the environment. About 75% prefer to shop online. They hate cash, and around 80% of them use a mobile digital payment platform. They like to watch eSports more than the NBA, NFL, and MLB. They love to travel, but they don’t drive much (thanks, Uber). And 40% of them prefer to interact virtually.

And here’s perhaps the most important Gen-Z tidbit: They love Bitcoin.

Nearly 50% of Gen Z investors are invested in cryptocurrencies. About half of all young millionaires have at least 25% of their wealth tied up in cryptos. Of those who aren’t invested in cryptos, roughly 40% are either somewhat interested or very interested in buying cryptos. Close to 40% of young investors are also invested in non-fungible tokens (NFTs). And, perhaps most importantly, about 60% of young investors feel that most people will be using Bitcoin within the next decade.

Folks… the writing is on the wall… young people love cryptos.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, this is the generation that was in middle school and high school when the 2008’s great recession hit. Many saw their parents lose their jobs and homes, and they have endured years of economic hardship with the narrative being that their family’s struggles were the faults of greedy, untrustworthy big banks that got bailed out.

So, when those kids were given an opportunity to adopt a digitally native financial services solution to replace the big, bad banks that ruined their childhoods, they embraced it with wide-open arms.

But why does all this matter?

Because, as mentioned earlier, these young people are going to inherit all of the purchasing power in the world over the next two decades. As they do, you can count on them to turn a lot of those dollars into cryptos, and for the Crypto Revolution to go mainstream.

And, as that happens, crypto prices will skyrocket.

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