Internet vs. Cryptos: The Blockchain Revolution Is the New Tech Boom

Throughout the 2010s, one investment theme dominated Wall Street: The global technology takeover.

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That is, back in the early aughts, many of today’s dominant technology companies were either just starting out (Facebook), struggling to find their place (Amazon), or even on the verge of declaring bankruptcy (Netflix).

Then the world changed.

Everyone and their best friend started using technology platforms to do everything from shopping to working, and the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix redefined our personal and professional lives.

Along the way, tech stocks absolutely soared throughout the 2010s. During that decade, the Nasdaq-100 rose 370%, while the S&P 500 rose just 190%.

But now, it’s a new decade, and that means it’s time for a new investment theme: The global blockchain takeover.

In other words, cryptos are going to soar in the 2020s like tech stocks soared in the 2010s – and perhaps even more!

To understand why, we have to ask the very important question: What enabled tech stocks to soar in the 2010s?

The answer is astoundingly simple: The internet.

Long story short, the more consumers became comfortable with the internet, the more they realized its time- and cost-saving benefits, and the more they used the internet for various processes.

Essentially, rising internet adoption rates set the stage for tech stocks to soar in the 2010s.

In the same way, rising crypto adoption rates are setting the stage for cryptos to soar in the 2020s.

Just look at this super-interesting chart from crypto exchange platform Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), which compares global crypto adoption rates in the 2020s (blue line) to global internet adoption rates in the 1990s (green line).

The two lines sync up identically, meaning that modern-day crypto adoption trends are following the exact same path as internet adoption trends of the late 90s.

This chart underscores the reality that the blockchain is the most disruptive technological innovation since the internet, and that just as the internet reshaped the world over the past two decades, cryptos will reshape the world over the next two decades.

The only difference? The global blockchain takeover is going to happen a lot more quickly than the global online takeover.

It took the internet about 30 years to become a global ubiquity. We believe cryptos, DeFi, and dApps will do the same in about 10 to 15 years.

That is, by the early 2030s, we believe most of the world will hold at least some money in cryptos, most merchants will accept crypto payments, and most applications will be built on the blockchain.

That’s the future. Sure, lots of folks don’t agree with that thesis – but lots of folks didn’t agree back in 2010 that Amazon would redefine shopping, or that Netflix would obsolete Blockbuster, or that Facebook would amass nearly 3 billion users.

Yet, those things all happened. The folks who aligned themselves on the right side of history early on during the global technology takeover have since made fortunes.

History is repeating itself, folks. Get on the right side this time. Invest in the global blockchain takeover.

But don’t do so haphazardly. Remember: For every technology success story, there were dozens of dot-com companies that flopped in the early 2000s and bankrupted their shareholders.

The same will be true with the Blockchain Revolution. We think it is reasonable to say that nine out of every 10 cryptos will be worthless in a decade – but one out of every 10 will (like Amazon and Netflix) soar thousands of percent.

The key to investing in the global blockchain takeover, then, is to invest in the right cryptos.

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